The period of Ramadan and Hari Raya marks a crucial time for Malaysian retail. As one of the biggest celebrations in the country, Hari Raya preparation is a massive affair that gradually gains momentum throughout the fasting month. It’s customary for families to go shopping together for new outfits, decorations and food items to look their best and prepare their homes for the throng of guests on Hari Raya.

Families across the country will be entertaining guests not only on Hari Raya itself but throughout the rest of the month. Last year, Raya celebrations were more mellow than usual due to strict MCO restrictions, which included a ban on social gatherings. While interstate travel is still on hold in Malaysia, the government has been lifting other restrictions periodically with the recent vaccination rollout. At the rate it’s going, there’s a high chance we’ll see a return of the usual Raya celebrations this year. 

A month of open houses and Raya events means that retailers will need to be prepared for an influx of demand. This is why we’ve compiled the usual suspects on consumers’ Raya shopping lists so you can be ready with the right products for your customers. Dropee is also running a Raya promotion until 13th May to help you get the best deals possible. Read until the end to get the promo code for an additional discount!

Products on Hari Raya Shopping Lists

Food & Beverages

Raya is all about the food, so it comes as no surprise that F&B items are the top-selling products during this period. An uptick in food consumption during Ramadan is just the tip of the iceberg – the demand for F&B will double during Raya amid open houses every weekend.

We’ve already compiled the top Raya dishes your customers will be eating to help you shortlist products to stock. From Rendang to Ketupat, you can access the recipes and corresponding list of ingredients you should have on hand in the article here

Some of the staple ingredients in Raya dishes are dried chillies, coconut milk and rice. Meanwhile, chicken and beef are the preferred protein variations for traditional meals.

top hari raya food product
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Buy Gocer
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Most houses that expect guests during Raya will be buying an assortment of drinks to suit different preferences. Customers tend to reach for soft drinks and cordial drinks like Sirap or Sarsi for this occasion. Tea and coffee are also a must to go with dessert.

top hari raya drinks
Buy Coca Cola can 24x320ml at RM27.50 per carton
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Buy HLT Ros Sirap 450ml at RM4.62 per unit
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Buy Lipton Potbags (12 units per carton) at RM91.73 per carton

Cookware & Kitchen Appliances

Sales for other kitchen essentials tend to peak nearing Hari Raya. Many households will be hosting get-togethers through the month, which means they will be cooking for a crowd. This is why cookware and appliances sell like hot cakes during the festive season. Another reason cookware is in demand is that cooking for crowds is typically a team effort and spares are needed for the extra hands that will be helping out.

Pots, pans and kitchen tools like knives are some of the products your customers will be reaching for. Additionally, there is an opportunity to push appliances that can speed up the cooking process such as blenders, electronic choppers and pressure cookers. Preparing food for a party can be a tedious task and customers will be looking for shortcuts in the form of appliances.

hari raya cooking essentials
Buy BOJ Kitchen Knife 12cm at RM38.00 per unit
hari raya cooking essentials
Buy Selamat Food Chopper 1.5L at RM115.00 per unit

Baking Ingredients & Tools

The food frenzy doesn’t stop there. For many people, a meal isn’t complete without dessert and Raya is no different. Kuih Raya, cookies and other baked goods are offered at nearly every house in as many as a dozen variations. 

Many people still bake their own Kuih Raya with recipes passed down through generations. As some types of Kuih Raya are difficult to get right, it creates business opportunities for many people to sell their delicious creations. Ingredients like butter and sugar will quickly fly off shelves as consumers get immersed in Raya preparations. For an in-depth look at the main baking ingredients you need to be well-stocked with, read our article on baking essentials for Raya 2021 here

Retailers should also stock up on baking tools, which are just as important as ingredients. Spatulas, mixing bowls, baking pans, aluminium foil and baking paper are all available at great prices on Dropee.

Cleaning Products

Before a big event, Malaysians like to make sure that their homes are spotless and sorted. Part of Hari Raya tradition is to decorate homes with twinkling lights, flowers and new linens to welcome visiting family and friends. 

In a post-pandemic climate, there is also a sense of responsibility to make sure houses are as clean as they can be and sanitised before inviting guests over. It has become a common courtesy to spring clean the space you are hosting. Some even send out disclaimers of safety measures taken to comfort attendees before a get-together. 

Customers will be looking for deep-cleaning products like detergents, multipurpose sprays, mops and garbage bags to clear rubbish. There will also be a demand for antibacterial sprays to amp up protection and to quickly disinfect surfaces between visiting sessions.

Open House Essentials

To wrap things up, we have a few miscellaneous products that customers will need in large quantities during Raya. When serving food at open houses, napkins or serviettes are always available and need to be replenished continuously. As food is often prepared in batches, plastic wraps also get a lot of use to keep dishes covered before serving. 

Another customary Raya practice is to pack leftovers for your guests to bring home, especially when there is still a lot of food left towards the end of the day. For this reason, retailers should have a wide selection of plastic containers in different sizes, as customers will also use them to store food in the fridge.

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Starting from now until mid-June, retail will be almost entirely focused on Ramadan and Hari Raya demand. While this is a great opportunity for retailers to maximise sales, stocking the right products on time is also essential to get the most out of this season. 

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