From economic consequences to social change, the Covid-19 pandemic forced a radical shift in society… and one of it is the surge in home baking.

A study by Research And Markets recorded a 647% increase in the demand for yeast in March 2020, along with reports from customers expressing difficulty in finding ingredients such as flour, sugar, and butter in stores due to the sudden spike in demand for raw ingredients. 

Here in Malaysia, it started out as a response to a nationwide shortage of bread as panic-stricken shoppers began hoarding loaves upon loaves during the early days of the MCO. Today, it has become a newfound passion for many Malaysians – some of whom have even gone on to turn their hobbies into full-fledged businesses.  

For many, it offered comfort, but also a sense of autonomy, especially since it was during a time when it was easy to feel powerless over current circumstances. 

With Raya merely months away, we foresee many Malaysians putting their newfound skills to good use and dishing out batches of home-made Raya kuihs and cookies. For businesses, now is the time to look into stocking up on baking essentials for Raya 2021.

Our list below highlights some of the most sought-after ingredients that are currently available on Dropee – scroll down to see them all! 

Whipping Cream

One quick search for ‘whipping cream Malaysia’ online and you’re faced with thousands of results ranging from recipes to queries demanding answers as to what is the best brand to use. 

Often used to top cakes and desserts as well as thicken curries and sauces, your customers are bound to want to have this dairy product waiting in the wings as they get into the swing of their Raya food preparation.

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Buy Arla Whipping Cream
Buy Emborg Whipping Cream
Buy Millac Whipping Cream


Before burnt cheesecakes and matcha cookies took the world by storm, cornflake cookies played a starring role in almost every Raya kuih menu. Till today, no open house is complete without these crunchy, bite-sized goodies. 

You can bet that customers will be snapping up cartons of cornflakes to prepare these quintessential Hari Raya treats so be sure to have these ready on your shelves.

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Buy Nestle Cornflakes
Buy Kellog’s Cornflakes (500g)
Buy Kellog’s Cornflakes (500g)

Lotus Biscoff Malaysia

The rich, aromatic flavours of brown sugar and cinnamon shine through in this beloved product. 

Available on Dropee in both biscuit and spread form, Lotus Biscoff has become a cult favourite amongst Malaysian bakers who often incorporate it into cheesecakes, bread puddings and much more.

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Chicken Eggs

Need we say more? A staple in any baker’s kitchen, eggs make up the basis of practically all kuih Raya. London Almonds, pineapple tarts, kuih ros, and even traditional savoury staples such as mee rebus and soto call for eggs. We’re certain that your customers will be stocking up on this ingredient in abundance.

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Van Houten Cocoa Powder

Very few can resist the fudgy goodness of moist chocolate cake and even less have tried. As Hari Raya is a time for feasts, you can almost always find it served alongside your lemang and rendang as part of a sumptuous spread. 

With its deep, dark chocolate flavour, Van Houten cocoa powder is almost always the product of choice when it comes to preparing this meltingly indulgent treat.

Cheese (Various Kinds)

In the last few years, we’ve spotted some pretty interesting takes on incorporating cheese into an assortment of Raya confectionaries. From parmesan pineapple tarts to cheddar kueh bangkit, the cheese craze probably won’t be going away anytime soon. 

Preparing a variety of different choices for your customers to pick from is a great idea and popular options include Dairyland cream cheese and mozzarella cheese blocks.

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Ballantyne Unsalted Butter

Just like eggs, butter is a pantry staple when it comes to baking. Margarine and blended spreads may be the more economical option but when it comes to imparting that distinct richness to cookies, cakes, and tarts – butter is most definitely best. 

Ballantyne pure creamery butter is a favourite amongst seasoned bakers. Have this ready for when your customers come a-knocking!

Buy Ballantyne Unsalted Butter
Want more choices for unsalted butter?
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Ayam Brand Coconut Milk

A Malaysian treasure, coconut milk is an essential component in many traditional Raya delicacies. Rendang, lontong sayur lodeh, tepung pelita, bingka ubi, the list goes on! Various dishes are made possible with just this one humble ingredient!

Buy Ayam Brand Coconut Milk

Demerara Sugar

Its delicate toffee flavour gives demerara sugar an edge over the commonly used white sugar. This makes it wonderful for baking and sweets that require the use of brown sugar. Recommend it to your customers and be sure to mention that it would bode especially well in creme caramel and chocolate chip cookies. 

Buy Demerara Cane Sugar (500g)

Dried Dates

Raya celebrations are not complete without dried dates and while most of us are used to nibbling on these on their own, the natural caramel flavour of kurma makes it perfect for incorporating into desserts. 

Have a nice supply ready for your customers and you can expect to see them flying off the racks the same way you can expect to hear the Yusuf Taiyoob commercials hitting the airwaves close to the festive season. 

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Get Raya ready with more must-have items online at Dropee and have them delivered to your store right on time for the festivities.

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