For F&B sellers like yourselves, the upcoming festivity can only mean one thing: preparing incoming consumer demand for Hari Raya Food Products. 

From biskut raya to staples such as ketupats, it’s tradition to celebrate the end of Ramadan with nostalgic recipes. While there are plenty of worthy raya recipes to choose from, we wanted to focus on just the top 5 must-haves – the ones your customers will always ask for. 

We’ve also curated the top baking ingredients for Raya, especially for kuih raya and biskut raya. Get the list at Baking Essentials for Raya 2021!

We also know how tough it is to source the right ingredients, so we’ve listed them under each recipe for you! All you have to do is click and purchase.

#1 Rendang Daging

Hari Raya celebrations are not complete without rendang daging, a beef stew dish eaten with rice or lemang. 

Rendang is typically cooked with beef, but chicken or lamb rendang is increasingly common in Raya open houses. The key is really in the spice blends of dried chillies, galangal, and lemongrass. 

For resepi rendang daging, check out these websites:

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Alternatively, if you want to buy ready-made rendang, we have it on Dropee too!

#2 Ketupat

Another popular dish is Hari Raya’s must-have ketupats, typically paired with other dishes such as satay or rendang daging. What’s great about this dish is that it only requires a few ingredients!

Lokataste listed down easy, step-by-step instructions on how to make ketupats.

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#3 Pisang Goreng

Banana fritters, or more commonly known as pisang goreng, are a common snack on both typical day-to-day or festive occasions. Malaysians typically have it on its own, but food trends pisang goreng cheese and pisang goreng coklat cheese have been rising in popularity over the past few years. 

For this beloved dish, you can either offer ready-to-fry pisang goreng, or ingredients to make from scratch. Azie Kitchen has the recipe here!

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#4 Biskut Almond London

Of course, Hari Raya Food isn’t just savoury dishes – biskut raya is an essential as well! 

One of the most popular is Biskut Almond London, a recipe of baked almonds in a buttery crust, dipped in chocolate, then sprinkled with grated almonds. For the recipe, Che Nom has one that you can try!

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#5 Biskut Cornflake Madu

Another biskut raya that is a crowd favourite is Biskut Cornflake Madu, where the honey brings the cornflakes together. Because the biskut sits in a small paper cup, you can top it with anything you want, such as oreos, sprinkles, or even dried dates!

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Prepare these Hari Raya Food Products!

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