As Malaysians gear up for life in MCO, there is extra pressure on retailers to meet the rising demand.

If the previous lockdown is anything to go by, we can expect an increase in sales for essential items like food, personal hygiene and cleaning products. Even after panic buying subsides, these products will still be flying off shelves. 

While the MCO is set to last two weeks, the number of daily cases indicate that it will take longer than that to curb the virus’ spread. Retailers are in for a hectic few weeks but you can still make the most out of this time. Optimise your inventory and maximise sales by preparing the right products your customers will be looking for!

Products to Stock During MCO

Kitchen Staples

Every time Malaysia goes into lockdown, the first few things to sell out are bread, eggs and milk. During the previous MCO, people hoarded bread until there was a supply shortage. At first, it was just the nation’s favourite Gardenia, but other brands quickly followed. 

Some consumers gave up altogether and started baking their own bread at home, but not everyone has the luxury.

Eggs and milk were the same. It went to a point that stores had to put a limit of two items per customer for these products. There’s a good reason why – these products are regarded as kitchen staples. Nutritious and versatile, they can be used in endless ways or consumed on their own.

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Cooking Ingredients

As dining out is not an option in MCO, consumers will be relying on takeaways, delivery and home-cooked meals. Cooking became almost like a rite of passage for people in lockdown, like exercising and making TikTok videos. 

Most Malaysians claim that they became home cooks during lockdown, trying out new recipes and making elaborate dishes regularly. As consumers put on their aprons again this MCO, be sure to stock basic ingredients at your store. Cooking oil, salt and pepper are the safest bet but other seasonings like Maggi Cukup Rasa are also widely popular.

Quick Meals

While there has been a definite uptick in cooking, products like frozen and instant food still have a place on your shelves. Consumers that cook dishes from scratch will eventually get tired and want to mix it up with quick meal options. 

Quick meals are also convenient for when there are a lot of mouths to feed and there isn’t enough time. Frozen food, instant noodles, quick oats and canned soup are some of the products your customers will be looking for in store.

Cafe Drinks and Snacks

Working at a cafe is a privilege that no longer exists in lockdown. Many Malaysians continued to work remotely after the first MCO as they can be just as productive outside of the office. Even more have taken up a hybrid form of remote working, by opting to work from home a few times a week.

When people working from home need a change of scenery, cafes and eateries are their go-to. 

One of the perks of working at a cafe is the variety of drinks and snack options at their fingertips. Without the option to dine in, consumers will be looking to replicate the experience at home. Get ready with an assortment of coffee, tea, juices and snacks to attract your customers.

Personal Hygiene

Most Malaysians are not objecting to staying at home. However, many that work in essential services still have to go to work. 

Even those staying at home have to go out from time to time to buy groceries and run errands. As the risk of contracting the virus is high, consumers will be looking to maximise protection with face masks, disposable gloves and hand sanitisers.

There is also an opportunity in the market for reusable cloth face masks. The Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah recently advised Malaysians to start double masking – layering a cloth mask on top of a surgical mask. A study by the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that double masking can block up to 85% of particles due to the tighter fit.

With the number of daily Covid-19 cases rising at an alarming rate, get ready with personal hygiene products for your customers.

Cleaning Supplies

When the country went in and out of MCO last year, spring cleaning was one of the top activities Malaysians did at home. Some were driven by boredom, to the point of giving their homes entire makeovers. But for most, the desire to curb the virus’ spread is what makes them reach for the cleaning supplies to clean and disinfect their homes.

On top of the usual regular cleaning, many people are making a habit out of wiping surfaces with antibacterial spray after using it. Other parts of the house that get extra care are high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, cabinet handles and shared devices like the TV remote. 

For this reason, consumers are gravitating towards products with antibacterial or disinfecting properties, so be sure to have them on hand!

Stock Up for MCO 3.0 on Dropee

There is no doubt about it – the MCO definitely influences consumers’ purchasing trends. As most Malaysians stay at home all day, there is a higher demand for essentials like F&B, personal hygiene and cleaning products

With the travel restrictions in place, your store will likely attract new customers who will not be able to shop at their usual spots. This is why it’s crucial to stock these items and to have enough of them on hand to meet the rising demand.

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