Stocking products that customers want is the key to boosting sales – especially in the increasingly competitive convenience stores market.

While many industries struggled during the Covid-19 crisis, essential businesses like convenience stores, supermarkets and F&B had a small advantage. Unlike many businesses, stores that sold essential items like food were allowed to operate during MCO. At the same time, the demand for food was soaring – and since food products make up the majority of convenience stores’ catalogue, they were able to thrive in difficult times.

As convenience stores did particularly well since the pandemic, they were able to go toe-to-toe with big supermarkets. In a health crisis, consumers were avoiding large outlets that attracted big crowds. Instead, consumers prefer to shop at small stores closer to home, which limits their contact with others. Convenience stores and small supermarkets started popping up more in remote areas during the MCO and they continue to do well.

Consumers’ changing habits and willingness to spend more for their peace of mind puts convenience stores at an advantage.

What Customers Want in Convenience Stores

The reason convenience stores today are more popular is simple: they serve a different purpose than they did pre-pandemic. Previously, consumers mainly shopped at the nearest convenience store for tobacco products, snacks and drinks while they are out. But today, any store that has everything you need in one place can be a convenience store.

In a time of panic buying and supply chain crisis, the customers demanded for stores to carry necessities that could be obtained easily. Even as we move to the endemic phase of Covid-19, the consumer habits that formed in the last two years are staying. From food products to cleaning supplies and even toiletries, convenience store owners that want to get higher sales must stock up on the essentials.

Dropee’s store, Borong Cash & Carry has all the key products retailers should stock up on at the best prices. Here’s what you’ll need.

Top Convenience Stores Products


Stocking a variety of snacks in convenience stores is a must. They are a staple convenience store item even before the pandemic – consumers would get them between meals throughout the day. Some customers prefer savoury snacks like chips and nuts while others buy sweet snacks like Julie’s Love Letter or Peanut Butter biscuits to alleviate sugar cravings.

What Convenience Stores Should Always Stock Up On
Mission BBQ Tortilla Chips
What Convenience Stores Should Always Stock Up On
Julie’s Peanut Butter Sandwich
What Convenience Stores Should Always Stock Up On
Julie’s Love Letter

Soft Drinks

Aside from snacks, soft drinks are another customer favourite in convenience stores. So much so that the fridge section in convenience stores often takes up half the space and is filled with many soft drinks. Customers don’t just gravitate to soft drinks for the taste – they also want the benefits that come with some soft drinks. 

It’s good practice to have isotonic or energy drinks on top of basic sodas in stock to profit from the demand.

What Convenience Stores Should Always Stock Up On
Coca Cola
What Convenience Stores Should Always Stock Up On
100 Plus
What Convenience Stores Should Always Stock Up On
Red Bull


Stocking perishable food like meats and produce in a convenience store may seem unnecessary in the past. But it’s important to have a good selection of proteins in your store to cater to customers’ lifestyles today. Protein is one of the main food groups and customers are bound to buy some in convenience stores.

Choose from Borong Cash & Carry’s selection of beef, chicken and lamb meats.

Frozen Food

The pandemic boosted sales of frozen food, making it one of the most popular food categories in retail. At the height of panic buying and supply shortages, it made sense to keep frozen food at home so there’s always something to eat. Now that things are going back to normal, consumers are still buying frozen food as they are easy to prepare and lasts a long time in the freezer.

Frozen nuggets, sausages and chicken drummets are just a few frozen foods that people of all ages love and look for in convenience stores.

What Convenience Stores Should Always Stock Up On
Ayamas Drummet
What Convenience Stores Should Always Stock Up On
CP Daily BBQ Sausage
What Convenience Stores Should Always Stock Up On
Ayam Pertiwi Nugget

Basic Ingredients

Core kitchen ingredients are often overlooked by convenience store retailers because they are thought to be better suited to supermarkets and grocery stores. However, customers run out of these ingredients at unexpected times – often when they’ve already started cooking. When that happens, being able to buy products from the nearest convenience store elevates the customer experience.

For this reason, convenience stores should always be prepared with ample stocks of basic ingredients like cooking oil, salt and sugar.

Canned Food

Aside from freezing, canned food also preserves ready-made meals or produce that can be heated up or lightly cooked in no time. They are an affordable staple item that customers eat every day, which is why you should stock the most popular ones at your store. 

Campbell’s is one of the top brands of canned soup in the market that consumers love. Canned sardines in tomato sauce is also a top-seller, along with Kimball’s range of pasta sauces.

Kimball Tomato, Basil & Garlic Spaghetti Sauce
Campbell’s Cream Of Mushroom
SJE Sardines


Condiments are a great addition to your convenience store shelves. They elevate meals and go well with other popular convenience store products like nuggets, drummets and sausages.

Kimball and Life are two popular brands of sauces in Malaysia – chili sauce, tomato ketchup and bbq sauce are some of the bestsellers from these brands. Meanwhile Kewpie is a brand of condiments popular for its mayoaise and salad dressings. The roasted sesame dressing by Kewpie is a favourite among consumers.

Life Chili Sauce
Kimball Tomato Sauce
Kewpie Roasted Sesame

Stock Up for Convenience Stores with Borong Cash & Carrry

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