The F&B industry in Malaysia has officially arrived at a pivotal time of the year: Ramadan and Raya. And this year, nostalgia looms large among Malaysians after a hampered Raya in 2020. More than ever, consumers are looking for familiarity and tradition to make up for lost times. 

This is where our local brands come in.

The recent confirmation of the interstate travel ban for Raya gives retailers another reason to champion local food brands. Unable to visit their families back home, consumers want traditional flavours that they grew up with and these products will help to curb the nostalgia.

Besides, when you buy local, you also…

  1. Support the local manufacturers, suppliers and producers.
  2. Encourage the creation of more jobs.
  3. Contribute to the country’s tax revenue.
  4. Reduce your environmental impact.
  5. Contribute to local nonprofits that the brands support.

Support the Local F&B Industry

Kawan Food

We can’t forget Kawan Food, everyone’s favourite supplier in Malaysia.

Kawan Food’s history dates back to the 1960s when it started as a small family business selling traditional pastries like Kuih Bakul, Popiah and Pau to local groceries and supermarkets. 

All the products were made for fresh consumption back then, but as the company grew, the need to expand led to freezing their food to keep it fresh for export. With the added convenience for consumers, this was the turning point for the business. 

Today, Kawan Food is one of the major frozen food suppliers in Malaysia and its products are available at supermarkets in over 30 countries, including the US, UAE and UK. The brand specialises in frozen Asian foods such as paratha, dhal curry and satay.

There has been an increasing demand for frozen food in recent years as consumers preferred convenient food options. At the height of the pandemic last year, frozen food sales shot up due to consumers stockpiling them in case of unexpected lockdowns. 

Kawan Food products like frozen paratha, naan and pau were flying off the shelves. Even though the MCO has lifted, sales for frozen food continues to grow as consumers’ eating habits changed.

Looking to stock up Malaysians’ favourite frozen foods? Look no further than Kawan Food. You can shop for their products on Dropee here.

Local F&B Industry: Kawan Food
Buy Veaty Bites Satay Chicken 300g (24 Units Per Carton) at RM156.00 per carton
Local F&B Industry: Kawan Food
Buy Dhal Curry 260g (24 Units Per Carton) at RM88.80 per carton
Local F&B Industry: Kawan Food
Buy Roti Wraps 9″ 6 pcs (24 Units Per Carton) at RM153.60 per carton

Love Earth

Love Earth’s journey began in 2011, with an ambitious goal to provide healthier and more sustainable food options. The local brand never lost its sight, and until today, all products sold by Love Earth are organic and free from additives. 

Organic grains, nuts, dried fruit and plant-based products are Love Earth’s speciality. 

The brand’s next goal was to create snacks that are free from preservatives and additives but they could not find a manufacturer that was able to meet these terms. After failed discussions with other manufacturers, Love Earth decided to take matters into their own hands. They persevered, and started their own manufacturing arm and launched a range of healthy snacks in 2019.

Malaysian consumers had already started shifting towards healthier options but Covid-19 accelerated that transition. There is now an opportunity for the F&B industry to jump on the health train and give the customers what they want. 

Whether you’re looking for organic flour or Love Earth’s best-selling snacks, you can stock up on healthy products here.

Local F&B Industry: Love Earth
Buy Organic All Purpose Flour 900g (12 Units Per Carton) at RM100.98 per carton
Local F&B Industry: Love Earth
Buy Light Roasted Nutty Lover 140g (12 Units Per Carton) at RM274.38 per carton

MZQ Empire Resources

If you are looking for local delicacies, look no further than MZQ Empire Resources. The company carries goods from Rahsia Quali, one of the best-selling brands of condiments, sauces, sambal and seasonings. Despite entering the market in 2019, MZQ Empire Resources has already made a name for itself in the local F&B industry.

Malaysian consumers have been increasingly asking for convenient food options that still deliver in flavour. For this reason, packaged sambals and pre-mixed seasonings that can cut the cooking time significantly have been selling well. 

Rahsia Quali’s best-selling range includes its Sambal Bilis Lada Kering, Sambal Bilis Belimbing and the famous Sos Magic, a multipurpose concoction for marinades, seasoning or as a condiment.

Check out Rahsia Quali here for unique homemade delicacies!

Buy Sambal Bilis Lada Kering at RM15.00 per unit
Buy Sambal Hitam Kampung Awah at RM15.00 per unit
Buy Sos Magic at RM6.90 per unit

Heritage Food Network

As a key supplier in the F&B industry, Heritage Food Network has been providing cafes, restaurants, hotels and catering businesses with all the ingredients they need to meet customer demands. Since 2014, the brand has been the go-to centre for herbs, spices and other pantry essentials. 

Heritage Food Network’s catalogue consists of herbs and spices suitable for multiple different recipes and cuisines. To help cut down food preparation time, the company also produces ready-to-serve recipes like laksa, curry and satay sauce pastes. The ready-made pastes and sauces help businesses cut costs and overcome labour shortage.

Browse through Heritage Food Network’s wide range of products here.

Buy Basil 500g at RM32.50 per unit
Buy Bay Leaf 500g at RM35.00 per unit
Buy Black Peppercorn Ground 500g at RM27.00 per unit

Extra Natural Sdn Bhd

Extra Natural Sdn Bhd is the distributor of Braspro, a brand that specialises in frozen produce. Hailing from Medan in Northern Sumatera, Braspro was established in 2007 with a mission to develop Indonesian produce into innovative products to serve the F&B industry.

The name Braspro was coined to signify the produce’s origins. Braspro’s produce is grown in the highlands of Brastagi at over 1,000 metres sea level and surrounded by fertile volcanic soil. In these ideal conditions, Braspro is able to yield high-quality fruits and vegetables that are quick-frozen at their ripest to retain their natural qualities.

Some of Braspro’s top-selling products include its numerous types of frozen fruit pulps and purees. Frozen fruits are a more cost-effective option than fresh fruits. The fruits are also frozen at their ripest, which means buyers can avoid using fresh fruits before they are ready just to serve their customers. Whether you’re using them for pastries’ filling, in smoothies or fruit drinks, frozen fruits are a safer bet.

As consumers get into the festive mood, desserts and speciality drinks will be in high demand. Be prepared and stock up on frozen goods ahead of time here.

Buy Frozen Cassava Hash Brown 1kg at RM10.60 per unit
Buy Purple Sweet Potato Filling 1kg at RM15.00 per unit
Buy Frozen Pumpkin Mash 1kg at RM7.50 per unit

Buy Local on Dropee

Buying locally comes with a whole host of benefits for your business, the local economy and even the environment.

Aside from these five brands, Dropee also has an extensive list of local F&B brands you can buy from. Click here to view our complete F&B catalogue!


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