When we think of Malaysian retailers, these are probably the names that come to mind: Ben’s Independent Grocer, Jaya Grocer and HeroMarket to name a few. But there is also an increasing number of small local retailers that play a big role in driving our economy. In this article, we take a deep dive into different types of retailers and strategies used to boost sales and how to achieve sustainability in a hyper saturated market.

Different Types of Retailers in Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its diversity in many contexts such as food, culture, heritage and it’s no different when it comes to the retail sector. Here are the following retail sectors that taking centre stage in recent times:

Traditional Grocery Stores: It offers a full line of groceries that typically includes health and wellness brands such as AEON, Cold Storage and Tesco.

Convenience Stores: It is typically a small corner shop that offers everyday items,and it’s known to be open 24 hours or until late nights such as  7/11, KK Mart and MyNews.

Hypermarkets: It is a combination of a supermarket and a department store such as MyDin Wholesale HyperMarket and NSK Trade City. 

      Strategies to Increase Sales 

      Personalised Shopping Experience: Customers want to feel like products, offers and experiences are designed with them in mind, meeting their unique needs and challenges. This makes customer data and insights instrumental into curating marketing messages, product ranges and promotions that will draw in a specific crowd that will make repeated purchases.

      Omnichannel Integration: It’s important to provide multiple offline and online payment options for a seamless shopping experience. These options can include GrabPay, TNG e-wallet, QR pay and more. Giving customers the convenience and flexibility in how they shop will encourage them to buy.

      Loyalty Programmes: The act of buying is not an easy route for most customers. There’s usually a great deal of consideration involved before they decide to spend their hard-earned money, which is why a loyalty programme is going to make them feel rewarded for their purchases, giving them more incentives to revisit stores. 

      Visual Merchandising:An enticing store layout, product placement, and visual displays can create an engaging experience for customers, making a store’s appeal more attractive. People may be more inclined to buy or/and share about the store on social media. 

      Build a Relationship with Customers

      Customer-Centric Approach: Brands that carry a people-focused brand strategy usually have a better chance at creating a loyal customer base. Prioritise customer needs and preferences by having a dedicated team and channel to address customer concerns and feedback.

      Brand Differentiation:With so many retails in the market, a recognisable brand identity plays a big role in standing out among a sea of competitors. A unique brand identity and value proposition will be what’s remembered long after customers make a purchase.

      Community Engagement: It’s important to build a community of advocates for your brand. This can be done through events, partnerships with key influencers, campaigns and committing to a social cause. 

      Working with the Right Suppliers and Partners

      Choose suppliers and partners that have made a reliable name for themselves in the market. Look through reviews and ratings to find out what previous customers have shared about their experiences with these parties.

      Quality and Reliability: Prioritise suppliers and partners that offer high-quality products, reliable services, and consistent delivery to meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

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