Small businesses and mom-and-pop store owners face many  challenges when it comes to managing a sales team, servicing customers with meetings and tracking for sales performance. It  can be extremely time-consuming with tons of paperworks and manual processes. That’s why Borong’s Field Sales App is the go-to solution for  field sales teams!

In this article, we’re going to explore the hows and whys of the effective Field Sales App in the business and ecommerce world to maximise productivity and revenue.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Field Sales App

  • Lack of Systematic Meeting Management: Being late, or even double booking meetings are common. But with the FSA, it helps you keep track of meetings and presentations. FSA ensures you that you’ll be where you need to be. Communication will be as smooth as butter while keeping all parties in the loop.

  • Lead Nurturing Challenges: Let’s face it, nurturing leads and converting them into sales is always a pain. But with the built-in management tool in FSA, it allows you to track messages, personalise communication channels, and automate key steps, everything is done with just a tap. 

  • KPI Tracking Issues: We understand agents’ issues with tracking KPIs, we’ve been there. So with FSA, you are now able to monitor and track your KPIs in real-time! This in return will help you identify areas for further improvements!

All in all, from streamlining operations to empowering your sales team and providing real-time insights, your business gets to stay ahead of the curve and grow by using Borong’s Field Sales App

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