Chinese New Year is right around the corner – and Malaysians are gearing up to celebrate big time.

Last year, the MCO and a ban on get-togethers during Chinese New Year dampened the mood. But 2022 is set to be a more meaningful celebration as the government announced a more relaxed SOP. Malaysians can travel interstate, visit houses and have family over to celebrate without a limit to the number of family members in attendance.

Falling on 1st February, the first three days of the new year is the main focus of the celebrations. But Chinese New Year doesn’t end there – the festivities traditionally last for 15 days.

Consumers will want to make the most out of this new year since last year was a muted affair. Now that reunion dinners and family gatherings are allowed, your customers are ready to host people and will need the right products.

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Here are the essentials to stock up on this Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Products Your Customers Will Love

Drinking Water

In our 2021 top products wrap-up, we already touched on consumers’ preference for bottled water in this pandemic. Many consumers opt for bottled drinking water these days as it is safer than getting water from high touchpoints like water dispensers or a jug. 

Even though consumers are excited to get together again, they will be taking as many precautions as they can by serving bottled drinking water. You should also offer more variety by stocking up on sparkling water.

Sweet Drinks

Food is a huge part of Chinese New Year celebrations. It’s the one time of the year that special occasion foods such as yee sang are served, which calls for special occasion drinks too.

Fizzy drinks like 100 plus and Coke are refreshing beverages to combat the hot weather which nearly always happens around Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, beverages like Cincau (grass jelly drink) and Soya Bean are an ode to Chinese culture, which popularised these drinks in Malaysia.

Alcoholic Beverages (Non-Halal)

Chinese New Year festivities are not complete without alcoholic beverages. Your customers will be looking for alcoholic beverages to raise their glasses in a toast for the new year.

Beer and wine are the staple alcoholic beverages, but more and more consumers have been opting for other varieties. From whiskey to sake and even champagne, Chinese New Year is one of the few times a year consumers splurge on celebratory drinks, so be sure to have a good selection in your stores.

The sale of alcohol is strictly for non-Muslim individuals above the age of 21. By virtue of Section 19 (1) and Section 19 (2) of the Syariah Criminal Offences Act 1997, all Malaysian Muslims are forbidden from buying and imbibing alcohol. In accordance with the legal provisions above, will not sell any alcoholic products listed on its website to Malaysian Muslims.

Biscuits & Chocolates

Chinese New Year gatherings can last for several hours because for many families – especially those that live in different states – it’s one of those rare times that everyone is together under the same roof. 

Consumers hosting open houses are going to be purchasing snacks to entertain their guests. This is why products like biscuits and chocolates are a staple in gift baskets and hampers at this time of year. Popular brands like Lotus Biscoff, Nutella, KitKat and Cadbury are especially sought after during the festive season.

Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

Aside from the main courses on Chinese New Year, people celebrating also look forward to what comes after – dessert.

Florentine cookies, made up of different nuts, dried fruit and seeds are a popular sweet treat that even non-Chinese consumers look forward to each year. Dried fruit, nuts and seeds are also key ingredients in other Chinese New Year cookies.

Stock Up on These Chinese New Year Essentials - At the Best Prices
Tong Shui Longan dessert. Image credit: Rasa Malaysia

Another popular dessert is Tong Shui, a sweet warm soup that originated from Cantonese cuisine. Red dates, longan and goji berries are some of the staple ingredients of Tong Shui that you must have in stock to meet the consumers’ current needs.

Traditional Flavours

In this modern age, Chinese New Year is a time for us to appreciate tradition and celebrate our culture. This is why traditional flavours are sought after at this time of year – even in the form of snacks.

Fish skin crisps in flavours like salted egg and Sichuan mala hot pot go well with the main courses served during Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, a spicy condiment like Sambal Ikan Bilis is a great addition to rice dishes for an extra kick.

Sauces & Seasonings

Home-cooked meals are what people look forward to the most on Chinese New Year. While many make every dish from scratch, they still need ready-made seasonings and sauces to save time while still achieving the flavours they are looking for.

Hot Pot is a popular dish for gatherings as it involves many people in the cooking process and the finished meal is enjoyed together. Popular Hot Pot chain Hai Di Lao has a range of Hot Pot seasonings in different flavours that your customers can whip up in no time.

Other products to stock up on for festive cooking are soy sauce and caramel sauce, both of which can be purchased on Dropee.

Get the Best Prices this Chinese New Year on Dropee

The upcoming Chinese New Year is a great opportunity for retailers to kickstart the year with higher sales. Your customers will be shopping for these products well into February as the celebrations carry on throughout the month.

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