We’re approaching Ramadan 2021, one of the busiest times of the year for F&B businesses. 

Despite the smaller time frame for eating, food consumption surprisingly surges to an all-time high around this period each year. 

For sahur meals before dawn, consumers tend to overcompensate to prevent hunger pangs later in the day. By the time iftar arrives at dusk, those who fasted the whole day are ravenous and end up eating more than they normally would in the urge to fill up. The uptick in consumption during Ramadan is substantial enough that roughly 15% of annual food expenditures can be attributed to this month.

Retailers can also expect a boost in F&B trade with the return of Bazaar Ramadan. After a hiatus last year due to Covid-19, the Malaysian government announced plans to reopen Bazaars for Ramadan 2021. With careful restrictions and SOPs to curb the virus’ spread, one of the biggest draws of Ramadan will be in full swing again. 

Food stall traders ranging from established Ramadan specialists to budding home cooks will be eager to get back to business after a long break. 

An influx of new traders and higher food consumption will put extra pressure on retailers to keep up with the rising demand. On top of that, those that fast during Ramadan will have different dietary needs than they do in other months. 

Preparing for the increased demand and choosing the right products to stock can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered! Here are the top Ramadan products you should stock to meet your customers’ unique needs.

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Essential Products to Stock for Ramadan 2021


A good serving of protein is a must to keep you energised throughout the day and to satiate hunger when breaking fast. From ayam percik to lamb briyani, the proteins here  are featured in a number of Ramadan staple dishes.

Top F&B Products for Ramadan 2021
Buy Lamb Chop (Australia) 1KG
RM35.80 per unit
Top F&B Products for Ramadan 2021
Buy Fresh Chicken Whole Leg 1KG
RM12.99 per unit

It doesn’t stop there. The demand for these meats will only keep soaring the closer we get to Raya as chicken and lamb rendang are among the most popular traditional dishes served during feasts and open houses. Read about other nostalgic dishes your customers will be cooking for Raya here and be ready with the products they need ahead of the festivities.

Grains & Legumes

Consumers will be rethinking their food choices to ensure they’re getting enough nutrients in and not just eating empty calories. Which is why grains and legumes are must-haves during Ramadan to fulfil this purpose.

Top F&B Products for Ramadan 2021
Buy Organic Regular Rolled Oat 1.5kg
RM23.31 per unit
Top F&B Products for Ramadan 2021
Buy Organic Chickpea 550g
RM15.21 per unit

Whole grains like oats are used both as a base in oatmeals or overnight oats, as well as in baked goods like cookies and homemade granola bars. Chickpeas are also a good bet for the fasting month as they are highly versatile. A key source of plant-based protein, the legume is the main ingredient in hummus and chickpea dhal that typically accompany bread, naan and vegetable dips. 

Healthy Snacks

Before another day of fasting, consumers slowly build their reserves overnight by having more nutritious snacks. On top of dried dates, nuts like almonds, cashews and macadamias are the go-to options for snacking.

Another great snacking alternative is seaweed, which boasts nourishing vitamins and minerals that are crucial for our bodily functions. This particular seaweed snack is coated in savoury tempura for added flavour and available at 19% off on Dropee.

Spice It Up

If there is one thing we can count on in Malaysia, it’s the people’s penchant for spicy food. Sambal is easily the number one condiment in the country, typically added to rice dishes for an extra spice kick or used as a dipping sauce. They’re not just delicious – spicy food is known to suppress appetite and keep you from feeling famished too quickly in the day, which makes it an ideal addition to Ramadan meals.

Sambal Hitam Kampung Awah
Buy Sambal Hitam Kampung Awah
RM15.00 per unit
Sambal Bilis Lada Kering
Buy Sambal Bilis Lada Kering
RM15.00 per unit

It’s always good practice to have a variety of sambal flavours on offer to fit different preferences and even levels of spice tolerance. Sambal Hitam gets its unique flavour from the key ingredient, belimbing buluh. Meanwhile, Sambal Bilis is loved for the crispy anchovies that give textural contrast to dishes.

Milk & Alternatives

Retailers can expect milk consumption to leap during Ramadan, as year after year, it’s highly recommended for people who are fasting to consume more dairy products as they are prime sources of protein and healthy fats. Drinking at least a glass of milk provides you with slow-releasing energy to keep you full longer.

However, customers will also be looking for alternatives to whole milk for a number of reasons, including lactose intolerance and veganism. Plant-based versions like macadamia milk are the next best thing to replicate the taste of whole milk. Milklab’s Macadamia Milk can even be used to make milk-based coffee and comes with its own unique benefits to match whole milk.

Go into Ramadan 2021 Ready

As a key F&B trading period, Ramadan and the Raya season as a whole is a crucial time for retailers. To help you make the most of this opportunity, Dropee is holding a promotion on key Ramadan and Raya products to help you get exactly what your customers will be shopping for at the best prices! 

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