Released on 11th April 2022 11:00AM GMT+8

KUALA LUMPUR: Since inception, Dropee’s mission is to revolutionize and improve the way businesses buy and sell in bulk. One of the ways we do so is by enabling businesses to adopt eCommerce solutions via our Dropee Direct software. Up to date, thousands of brands and distributors have used to Dropee Direct to expand sales channels by easily setting up their own B2B2C OmniCommerce stores, create a seamless offline-to-online customer experience by streamlining their inventory and customer management operations, and leverage on Dropee Finance to offer up to 60 days credit for their wholesale customers. In summary, Dropee only provides the technology to assist our customers in their business operation.

Therefore, in the recent FreeMalaysiaToday article regarding the National Book Council (MBKM) and Dropee, we would like to address and clarify certain misinformation published.

Paragraph 6 (as at 10 April 2022): “MBKM’s involvement will surely convince schools and government agencies to purchase from Dropee.”

As a technology company as stated above, Dropee has no operational involvement with the MBKM or any education ministry council in the development of the MyBukuku project. In this initiative, Dropee acts solely as a technology platform provider and does not operate or govern the MyBukuku activities. The platform, MyBukuku, is intended to be used to digitise the B2B2C buying and selling of books across the respective stakeholders.

Just like every Dropee Direct subscriber, Dropee does not influence or get involved in the way our clients utilize our technology. As far as we are concerned, our client is not dealing with any illicit goods and services, or has violated any of our policies in operating an eCommerce marketplace platform.

Paragraph 8 (as at 10 April 2022): “While our industry is ready to embrace digitalisation and e-commerce, the involvement of MBKM as a government agency in Dropee is unacceptable.”

MBKM and Dropee are two separate legal entities that have no direct involvement in each other’s business operations. As a technology company, Dropee’s affiliation to MBKM is to provide the B2B2C eCommerce marketplace platform for MBKM and their respective teams to operate the platform. We wish to emphasize that we are only the technology provider for the MyBukuku project and we have no involvement in any decision-making on the implementation of the project.

For any further clarification, please reach out to our Public Relations and Corporate Communications team at