Over the years, we have experienced a great deal of growth and transformation, leading to the rebranding from Dropee to Borong. While there are many exciting new changes coming, our commitment to empowering local MSMEs to reach their full potential in Malaysia has remained the same. Our purpose is to make local businesses the vibrant life line of their communities.

Since the beginning, we have witnessed a noticeable divide between local businesses and online retail. It has become evident that small enterprises neglecting digital innovations are falling behind.

Borong has 4 features and initiatives to help small business owners to confidently and efficiently achieve their offline and online business objectives.

1. Borong Direct

 Streamline, manage and oversee business operations with no middlemen involved. Borong Direct helps suppliers stay competitive while major business aspects are taken care of by our automation system.

2. Borong Marketplace

 Borong Marketplace helps suppliers showcase their products to a much larger audience and helps retailers source from thousands of verified brands for the best prices. It’s like bazaar that’s open 24/7, helping both suppliers and retailers connect and build meaningful relationships. 

3. The Field Sales Agent App

Personal touch is crucial in business. This app helps agents plan their client meetings, track sales and manage customer relationships with advanced interactive features, making the sales process smoother and more efficient. 

4. Digital Niaga

In partnership with BSN, businesses can receive financial aid while getting access to Borong, where all bank supported loans will be approved for spending on the platform.

Final Thoughts

Borong’s initiatives and tools have bridged the gap between local businesses and the digital realm, enabling MSMEs to adapt and thrive in the evolving business landscape. These changes have bolstered their economic contributions to their communities and the Malaysian economy as a whole.

Are you thinking of kickstarting your journey in innovation? Get in touch with us.


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