Effective inventory management during the holiday is crucial, especially when ‘Out of Office’ messages starts becoming the norm. As the surge in customer demands and lack of available staff becomes a challenge, efficient supply chain strategies and streamlined inventories become the key to achieving supply chain resilience.

The Main Obstacles, Strategies and Supporting Tools You Need to Know



Supporting Tools

Identify best selling products 

Use order analytics to identify top selling products based on previous holiday purchases to discover valued items. 

Borong Direct 

Costly shipments and fulfillment orders

Get flexible payment terms with a wide range of suppliers and distributors. 

Borong Credit 

Shortage on best selling products 

Explore and connect to a vast network of verified brands to ensure your best sellers are never out of stock. 

Borong Marketplace 

Slow on-ground operations 

Use online tools to fast track daily offline operations such as capturing leads, profiling customers, client meetings and more. 

Borong Field Sales App

Staff Management for Smooth Operations

Now that you know what you need to optimise your inventory management during the holiday season, let’s delve into additional tactics for effective staff management. These strategies are pivotal to ensuring seamless operations, especially when a significant portion of your staff is on leave.

Strategic Staff Leaves:

  • Ensure that staff leaves are planned well in advance to avoid disruptions during peak holiday times. Consider setting a deadline for your staff to plan out their leaves, ensuring no last minute absence from your staff. 

    Identifying Available Staff:

    • It’s essential to identify and categorise staff members available during the holiday period to avoid any slow-downs to your operations (which is heavily determined by the first point). Knowing the availability of your team enables better resource allocation and ensures that key tasks are covered efficiently.

    Efficient Handovers:

    • Implement efficient and clear handover procedures. This includes comprehensive documentation and clear communication to ensure a seamless transition between staff members, guaranteeing continuity in tasks and responsibilities.

    Final Thoughts

    Feel the need to streamline your December retail operations? We’re here to help! Get in touch with us here. Embrace the holiday season with confidence, backed by Borong’s expertise in efficient inventory management and supply chain strategies. 


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