The restrictions of physical interactions brought about by mandated shutdowns have forced businesses to go digital.

To adapt to the new circumstances, many business owners are now looking towards online solutions to not just ensure business continuity, but also to gain a competitive advantage. 

Currently, businesses that have hopped on the digital bandwagon are more resilient than their offline counterparts. And among many business owners who were ahead of the curve, one of them is none other than Lio Yi Jun, CEO of Radical Labs.

“Look into digitising your operational level, or talk to a company that can help you do that, like auto replenishing or Dropee to digitise your procurement methods. And it is the best time right now because government agencies are doing a lot more than pre-Covid to help you get there,” – Lio Yi Jun, CEO of Radical Labs

Moving Online With Radical Labs

Founded in 2018, Radical Labs is a retail innovation company that aims to facilitate brands and retailers to seamlessly move online. Like any business owner, one of the changes the global pandemic brought about is the increased urgency to go online, and the process of moving online entails many challenges.

In the podcast, he shares:

  • The process of transitioning online
  • Top tips on staying ahead of the competition
  • How to leverage opportunities to boost sales

Discover how he tides through this sudden change by leveraging the use of online technologies to help customers digitise their business operations.

Tune in below to find out more!

Dropee is an e-commerce provider that aims to support local B2B entities by providing them with the tools they need to optimise their business.

From marketplace solutions that can open up avenues for businesses to reach new customers, to digital services that help with inventory tracking and stock management, we make technology accessible to businesses. Contact our sales team for a free consultation today to learn more about how we can help you fast-track your growth.


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