Despite an ongoing pandemic, F&B sellers like yourselves have worked hard to bounce back from the crisis. From adopting digital systems to centralising supply chains, most of your operations have quickly stabilised. 

But understanding demand is a tougher code to crack. 

With little to no insights on what your customers are looking for, it’s tough to meet your year-end sales goals. Which is why we’ve curated the best selling products in 2020 for you!

As the year comes to a close, we want to ensure you procure trending products not only for the holiday season, but throughout the year as well. 

These products are regular top bestsellers on Dropee – which means you’ll stock up on products that your customers are already looking for in preparation for 2021. What’s even better, for every minimum spend of RM400 on Dropee, you get RM30 off! 

So tis’ the season to stock up now! To sign up as a supplier on Dropee Marketplace, click here.

Top Trending Products in Malaysia

From Emborg butters to Lotus Biscoff spreads, there’s a good mix of products in this list for everyone.

#1 Lotus Biscoff Spread

#2 Lotus Biscoff Biscuits

#3 Himalaya Salt Sports Candy – Extra Cool Lemon

#4 Frozen Cempedak Pulp

#5 Emborg Cook & Bake Butter

#6 Kimball Chili Sauce

#7 Knorr Demi Glace Brown Sauce Mix

#8 Premium Baby Rice (Quinoa)

#9 Yarra Full Cream Milk

#10 Cocomax 100% Coconut Water

Time to sell!

These products are just the tip of the iceberg – we’ve curated a full range of bestsellers in Malaysia for you. 

In fact, we’re running a promotion for the best selling products in Malaysia – if you purchase RM400 and above, you’ll get RM30 off!

To sign up as a supplier on Dropee Marketplace, click here.


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