Chinese New Year is just around the corner – have you stocked up on the necessary essentials for your customers?

Whether you’re in a jam or looking to further increase your basket size; cash in on the festivities by having a look at our Top 8 list of items you must stock up on this Chinese New Year!

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“The Lucky 8”


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8 – Light Roasted Natural Cashew Nut 320g 


Complement tradition with variety. It’s a state of luxury too delicious to resist, especially during the festivities. Stock up on this staple and offer your customers a premium experience.

7- Full Shell Blue Mussel 


Seafood is a key staple in your customer’s Chinese New Year platter. Embrace heritage with a carton of Full Shell Blue Mussel to complement other seafood dishes, such as abalone, shark’s fin, sea cucumber, and fish maw. 

6 – 100 Plus Regular 325ml


Every Chinese New Year house visit will not be complete without a can (or more!) of 100 Plus. Keep your buyers hydrated with this longtime Chinese New Year staple.

5 – Coca-Cola 320ml 


Of course, we have to include another popular Chinese New Year staple. After all, everybody loves a can of ice-cold Coca-Cola, especially since the weather becomes scorching hot in the month of February. And isn’t it funny how Coca-Cola always tastes better drinking it from a glass cup?  

4 – EVIAN Prestige Natural Mineral Water 330ml 


You can’t go wrong with a bottle of EVIAN. It’s good old fashioned H2O that anyone can bring with them where the festivities go. Besides, your customers would want to stock up on a wide variety of drinks for their guests! 

3 – Ferrero Rocher T3


Every house visit is not complete without gifts or hampers – and we all know that chocolates are a key ingredient in every bag. Capitalise on this tradition by stocking up on Ferrero Rocher, a fan favourite amongst elders and children alike.

2 – 2017 Stone Circle Moscato (Non-Halal)


It’s not Chinese New Year without alcoholic beverages. Celebrate the festivities with Australia’s finest Moscato–peppered with hints of citrus, tree fruit, and tropical overtones.

It’s number 2 on our list for a reason. 

1 – SAITO Junmai 14.5% (Non-Halal)


Everyone loves sake. So give them a taste of Kyoto with SAITO’s rich and dry Junmai sake–a full-bodied finish with fruity undertones such as pear and green apple.

You can be sure it’ll leave them wanting more with every sip. 


Enter the code CNY20 on Dropee Marketplace and enjoy RM20 OFF selected products with purchases over RM250!

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