When the first MCO was implemented back in March 2020, it no doubt disrupted every businesses’ cash flow. Sales took a large hit, and business owners had to be extremely careful with their resources to stay afloat during the pandemic. 

Now, with MCO 2.0, Malaysian businesses are bracing for further impact.

At Dropee, we are continuously finding new ways to extend our support to help businesses grow. Which is why we’re excited to announce Dropee Credits, our new financing option to help businesses like yours to continue operating with ease. 

Apply for Dropee Credits here!

We’ve also partnered with UOB to provide more business financing options for your business! Click here to learn more about business financing from UOB.

Dropee Credits: Sell Products Before You Pay 

When you order inventory with Dropee Credits, you won’t be charged until 60 days later. So you can sell those products before having to pay a single cent. 

More cash-in-hand to spend on growing your business! 

What’s more – you can access credit terms at 0% interest fees for ANY product on Dropee.

Apply for Dropee Credits here!


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