Branding Brilliance: Good Juju Barbell Club Redefines Fitness, Fashion, and Flavors

Sara Suhaili, co-founder and head of culture and marketing of Good Juju Barbell Club (GJBC), the latest gym to hit Kuala Lumpur with its exceptional training services and eye-catching aesthetics, is a big believer that we do not have to wait until a transformation takes place to be worthy of being celebrated and feeling good.

Sara and the other co-founders of GJBC have infused a powerful message into the brand’s ethos: to cultivate a safe and inclusive space for members to achieve greater physical and mental strength, all while commemorating every milestone on their path toward health and wellness. The brand serves as a great reminder that small wins matter.

Additionally, the gym has a charming cafe bar known as Good Juju Kopi, which has a range of post-workout and pick-me-up drinks, and a cute clothing collection known as the Good Juju Store, which has items like socks, sweaters, shirts, shorts, and more!

In this exclusive interview, Sara shares clever branding strategies and beliefs that highlight the business three core offerings: fitness, coffee, and apparels, and how she managed to fit each element under a single brand voice.

Read the full interview below.

What is GJBC’s brand message and how does it connect with the members?

GJBC is all about creating a safe space for different walks of life to celebrate themselves. We use strength training as a medium to connect with members; we want them to feel empowered and supported.

Personally, I understand how scary it can be to walk into a gym for the first time. I wanted to combat this by making the brand bright and colorful, breaking the stigma that gyms are intimidating.

How did GJBC align fitness, coffee, and apparel to create a strong brand identity?

Our team has created an innovative visual strategy that unifies every facet of our company using vibrant and dynamic designs, guaranteeing that each element embodies the distinct personality of our brand. In order to strengthen this message, we ensured that our entire team, ranging from baristas to fitness coaches, delivers a service that truly makes our members feel welcomed.

How does GJBC use the connection between fitness, coffee, and apparel to enhance customer experience and build brand loyalty?

By drinking our coffee, wearing our apparel, or working out at our gym, people embody the essence of our brand: championing a safe space, supporting each other, and celebrating their own personal accomplishments.

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that each customer truly feels like a valued member of our community, not only while they are in our establishment, but even after they have departed. This mission is at the heart of our core values and is made possible by our dedicated team.

How will you maintain consistent branding as GJBC continues to grow?

As we continue to grow, our methods may change, and we may try different ways of presenting ourselves. However, our core message will remain: we provide a safe and welcoming environment to our community.

What is your advice for entrepreneurs who want to create a strong brand message while offering different products or services?

I believe that understanding the “why” behind one’s business is essential. It involves delving deep into the challenges customers face and exploring how one’s business can offer effective solutions. When there is a compelling and profound reason driving the products or services, it helps shape a strong and unified brand message.

Final Thoughts

GJBC is recognised for its ingenious branding strategies, evident in its rapid business expansion within a year! Their location will remain at DC Mall in Damansara Heights, but their personal training and group class services will now be offered in a space that is twice as large!

If you’ve ever wanted to begin your journey towards health and wellness, look no further than this place!

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