Chinese New Year is around the corner! Get ready to welcome the Year of The Dragon with festive store displays! This is your chance to attract new customers, increase sales and build brand loyalty. Here are five strategies to bring in more prosperity and luck for your business.

1. Enhance Customer Experience 

Train your staff to handle heavy traffic of customers in a way that honors the festive season. Having a good knowledge and respect of Chinese traditions can significantly enhance the customer experience.

2. Chinese New Year Themed Products

It’s important to know the significance of lucky items during Chinese New Year to appeal to customers. Make sure your inventory embodies the festive spirit with products featuring red and gold themes, as well as symbols like the lucky coin or the blooming cherry blossom.

3. Discounts and Promotions 

Introduce Huat deals such as discounts for bulk purchases, buy 1 free 1 promotions or free complementary products! We all know a flashy sale will capture any buyer’s eyes, and this is the season where buyers are on the hunt for a good deal. If you can give them a good steal, they’re yours! Need more ideas? Take inspiration in these sales ideas!

4. Double Down on Your Best Sellers

Know what your customers want and give them more of it! Connect with a range of verified suppliers to ensure that your inventory stays fully stocked, so your loyal customers can continue to shop and advocate for your brand.

5. Stay Active Online 

Every business should strive for a strong online presence to remain relevant to their target audience. If you want to stand out among competitors during this time of the year, ensure your website is optimised with Chinese New Year keywords, showcase your Chinese New Year offerings prominently, and offer convenient online purchasing options such as e-wallet payment options.

If your store isn’t online, there are other ways to keep your customers informed about your business during Chinese New Year. Post notices about your operation hours, distribute flyers with the latest promotions, and encourage word of mouth. Make sure your staff communicate all the important information to customers.

Final Thoughts

Use Borong Marketplace to discover all your best sellers for the best prices from thousands of trustworthy suppliers, as well as the convenience of getting your orders delivered to your doorstep so that your store is ready to shine with no hassle! Want to learn more? Contact us.

May your store thrive and prosper into new heights!


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