While the B2B sector has been embracing digitisation in the Covid era, most businesses are still using separate platforms to monitor sales – and it’s costing them.

Many B2B sellers expanded into e-commerce by joining marketplaces because it’s the easiest way to establish an online presence. While it brings in additional sales, it also means it’s an added platform. 

With so many platforms to manage simultaneously – social media, marketplaces, offline sales – tracking orders is not as simple anymore. Information can easily slip through the cracks with this fragmented system and you are more likely to experience errors with your orders.

The Problem with Using Different Platforms to Monitor Sales

Offline sales require account managers to draw up quotations and go back and forth with customers to reach an agreement. It doesn’t help that sales reps use different systems to track these sales (Excel, pen and paper) and communicate with customers (emails, Whatsapp).

This process is not only slow, it is also prone to human error. The difference in the customer experience can also be jarring, especially to customers that are growing accustomed to the smooth process of online purchases.

Moreover, businesses don’t have a complete picture of the customer this way because the sales funnels are separated and information is stored in different places.

One Digital Platform to Monitor All Sales Activities

To be a successful B2B seller, you want to focus all your attention on creating the best customer experience possible. But you won’t have time if you are manually processing orders and correcting mistakes. An inefficient and time-consuming order process will also put customers off in the long run. 

The solution is to conduct all sales in the same system, where you can provide customers with custom catalogues, pricing and promotion the same way you would offline. Not only will the customer experience improve, you will also gain access to valuable sales data like bestsellers and top searches.

With your own custom store on Dropee Direct, you can track all of this on one platform.

How Monitoring Sales in One Platform Helps Your Business Grow

No More Manual Processing

With Dropee Direct, you can create custom catalogues and pricing for every customer that is only visible to them. Instead of going back and forth with quotation adjustments through calls or WhatsApp, you can present all the options available on a single page. This way, your customers only need to click a button to proceed with the order. 

Why B2B Businesses Need to Monitor Sales in One Platform

Paperwork like purchase orders (P.O) and invoices are also generated automatically, taking more manual tasks off the hands of sales representatives. When they’re not busy processing orders, sales representatives have more time to talk to potential costumes and acquire more sales.

Easily Track Orders with Greater Visibility

When it comes to offline orders, it’s not uncommon to lose money because you lost track of orders coming in. Since everything is recorded by hand and information is coming in from different sources, you can easily lose data or make costly mistakes.

On the Dropee Direct dashboard, you have complete visibility, and monitor sales closely. All incoming orders, along with the corresponding P.Os are automatically stored in the dashboard. This means you can see your total orders, sales and customers of the week along with the status of ongoing orders and outstanding quotations.

With greater visibility, you can spot any issues with the orders and resolve them quickly.

Sales data is more than just getting feedback. It’s also about knowing your bestsellers, what your customers are searching for, and what they are adding to cart. 

All this information is available on Dropee Direct to help you sell smarter. Understanding which products are in demand and which customers are buying them will help you determine what and exactly how much to stock for maximum profit.

Why B2B Businesses Need to Monitor Sales in One Platform

If you head over to the Ecommerce tab, you can also view your customers’ search logs. Here, you can see what your customers are searching for and what products are currently in their shopping carts. With this information, you can follow up easily and offer unique promotions or discounts to get them to purchase.

Visibility on the products your customers are interacting with helps you understand what they need and serve them better. 

Monitor Sales in One Platform with Dropee Direct

If you are a B2B business that has embraced e-commerce, now is the time to streamline your sales processes and combine separate funnels into one. Syncing your offline and online sales on one system will not just improve efficiency and generate more sales, it will also enhance the customer experience, which is crucial now that online sales are becoming more common and preferred in B2B.

Get in touch with us here to learn more about Dropee Direct and how we can help you sell smarter.


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