If there’s one industry that thrived during the Covid-19 crisis, it’s wholesale food Malaysia. While many businesses crumbled, F&B retailers benefitted from the MCO as supermarkets were allowed to operate and food demand was at an all-time high.

Smaller supermarkets and convenience stores in remote areas did especially well in lockdown. At the height of the pandemic, consumers were looking for stores that were easily accessible and closer to home to avoid prolonged contact. Consumers also avoided malls and large commercial areas, preferring to shop at their local grocer or convenience store.

Small business owners are able to compete with big supermarket chains this way, as consumers are willing to pay more for convenience. Smaller stores that can offer quicker checkout and easy access are at an advantage amidst consumers changing habits.

Choosing the Right Food Wholesaler in Malaysia

While consumers prefer small grocery or convenience stores closer to home, one thing they tend to lack is variety. As a small business, there are only so many products you can stock while keeping your expenses in check. This is why businesses have to carefully consider which brands or categories to prioritise.

Across all the key F&B categories, there are some local favourites that you can always bet on selling well. Here are six of the top brands in wholesale that Malaysians continuously reach for when grocery shopping that you should be stocking. All of which are available at great prices on Dropee!

Top Brands in Wholesale Food Malaysia


Life is the largest sauce brand in Malaysia, producing 26 million bottles of sauce each year. As the supplier of sauces to popular fast food chains like KFC and Pizza Hut, it’s no wonder this is consumers’ favourite brand of condiments. The familiarity is what keeps them coming back.

Since it was established in 1978, Life has expanded globally and currently exports to major western markets like the US, the UK, Europe and Australia. Consumers are most familiar with Life chilli sauce and ketchup but the brand also has other condiments like mayonnaise and soy sauce. Oriental sauces, marinades and salad dressings are also Life’s specialities. 

If you’re looking to stock condiments for your store, look no further than Life.

Kawan Food

Having operated for more than 30 years now, Kawan Food has grown past its reputation as the world’s first creator of frozen paratha. Today, Kawan Food is one of the largest frozen food suppliers in Malaysia and exports globally to major markets in the West and throughout Asia.

Kawan Food specialises in Asian flavours, with a range of products that include frozen naan, chapati, desserts, pastries and finger food. Due to its convenience, the demand for frozen food has been increasing in recent years, even before lockdowns. 

Parents with children in school are among the top customers for frozen food as they are easy to prepare for packed lunches and snacks. Now that schools will be back in session fully, stocking a good selection of frozen food is crucial – and Kawan Food is your best bet.

Dutch Lady

A local brand of dairy products, Dutch Lady first gained recognition as the first distributor of sweetened condensed Milk in Malaysia in the 1960s. This was a pivotal moment in our local history as condensed milk transformed the way Malaysians consume drinks and desserts. After all, you can’t make teh tarik – a local favourite – without condensed milk.

While Dutch Lady no longer makes condensed milk today, it is easily one of the leading brands of dairy products in Malaysia. From pasteurised whole milk to yoghurt and even baby milk formula, Dutch Lady is the staple milk brand that locals grew up with and have grown loyal to. Even with so many dairy brands available in the market today, consumers’ nostalgia for childhood flavours keeps the Dutch Lady brand going.

Whether you’re stocking whole milk, flavoured milk, yoghurts or formula milk, Dutch Lady has it all.

Aik Cheong Coffee

Aik Cheong Coffee can trace its humble beginnings to Malaysia’s independence in 1957. In a wooden shop in old Melaka town, Aik Cheong was importing coffee beans from Indonesia, the Philippines and South America – grounding, roasting and packing them manually for sale.

The goal at the time was to nurture the coffee culture no matter how small. Over half a decade later, Aik Cheong has made a name for itself in the coffee and beverages industry, both locally and internationally.

Aik Cheong produces a wide selection of instant beverages, like black coffee, white coffee, teh tarik, hot chocolate and even has a drip coffee range. The brand offers consumers flavours from kopitiams that they can get at home, which is why this brand is so popular.

Add variety and local touch to your beverages section with Aik Cheong Coffee!


When it comes to snacks, no food wholesaler in Malaysia does it better than Munchy’s. After 30 years in the industry, Munchy’s today is a top snacks brand that specialises in biscuits, crackers, wafers and cookies. Hailing from Batu Pahat, Munchy’s currently distributes across more than 50 countries.

Munchy’s has a wide range of products they sell under brand names like Crackers, Lexus, Muzic, Oat Krunch and more. Every Malaysian has their own favourite Munchy’s products because they are part of our childhood as the snacks we ate growing up.

With a variety of tidbits to suit consumers of all ages, Munchy’s products can give your store an instant boost.


Malaysian food is known for its deep and complex flavours, which come from spice blends cultivated by the local culture. Dried spices are always in high demand for this reason – and Baba’s is one of the leading brands.

Starting out in the late ’70s as a sundry business selling spices to local housewives, Baba’s has since expanded from spices to flour, dessert mixes and staple food mixes. That said, spices and spice blends are still one of Baba’s top-selling products.

Baba’s offers over 30 products – from curries to soup and even rendang, there are a variety of ready-made spice mixes to help consumers create flavourful dishes. The brand has become such a staple in Malaysian cooking that a study found that one in three main meals consumed by Malaysians contains Baba’s products. 

Baba’s even exports its products all over the world, with market share in countries like North America, Canada, Europe and Australia along with most of Southeast Asia. You can bet on Baba’s global popularity to drive sales for your retail business.

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