As B2B owners yourself, you’d know how important it is to set customised pricing for different customers. Unlike B2C, which often gets quicker (but smaller) transactions, B2B is built on trust. It’s heavily geared on relationship building – and requires a deeper level of personalisation. 

This means you need access to features such as individual and tiered volume pricing, personalised sales catalogues, and unique product listings for each customer. 

Customer A, for example, may receive one set of pricing and is able to view a unique product catalogue from your business, whilst you provide Customer B an entirely different set of pricing and product range. 

But this isn’t a scalable solution. 42% of Malaysian businesses saw positive returns last year from their digital investment, and for those that don’t move online soon, they’re at risk of being left behind – especially during a pandemic. 

Where do you go from here?

Create customised pricing, catalogues and promotions

We worked with our earliest customers to develop Dropee Direct, a self-branded customisable eCommerce platform for any SME to scale and grow with ease by automating and managing their business processes online.

On Dropee Direct, you can create personalised sales catalogues and tiered pricing for your customers with the Special Retailers feature.

Using our software, you’ll be able to create different product settings for different customer groups. On top of that, you can enable customers to see the right products and prices that’s specifically tailored to them. 

This way, when your customers log on to your Dropee Direct store, they only see what you want them to see – the prices, products and catalogues you’ve set for them. 

You’ll no longer worry about competitors undercutting your prices, or manage Customer A who’s complaining about Customer B receiving a better price.

How VCR and BAT uses Dropee Direct

Across the various Movement Control Order restrictions imposed to battle the pandemic, Dropee’s clients like VCR (local F&B cafe turned wholesale coffee and pastry supplier) and British American Tobacco (multinational tobacco manufacturer) have been maximising their use of the Dropee Direct system to ensure that their returning and loyal customers always feel valued and can easily continue to place purchase orders.

Their sales teams ensure that their customers view the most updated special prices, in-stock product ranges, and seasonal promotions. Many customers have been able to place new purchase orders without relying on external sales agent to service them manually. This frees up time to focus on onboarding new customers and changing behaviours towards placing orders via their Dropee Direct webstore.

Additionally, by enabling a quick reorder feature, their customers were also able to view their historical purchases and easily repeat them using a single tap of a button on their Dropee Direct buyer dashboard.

After an initial period of 3 to 6 months, on average, our Dropee Direct clients tend to see their sales grow by at least 20% to 30%!

This can be attributed to…

  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Ability for customers to easily self-service and place orders 24/7 without interruption
  • Ability for suppliers to focus on targeted trade promotions for grow customer base

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