Public relations is typically not the top priority for business owners that are just starting out, even though it should be.

There are a variety of ways to publicise your small business. You have two options for marketing: traditional methods or digital ones. Additionally, conferences, networking events, and other business-related gatherings are excellent for promoting your brand.

Brands may use public relations to improve their public image and get more attention from potential customers. PR enhances awareness and allows you to control how external parties perceive your brand. By forming community connections and maintaining a positive public image, small businesses can leverage good branding to scale.

Public Relations 101: How to Boost Your Small Business

How Does Public Relations Benefit Small Businesses?

Here’s what small businesses can gain from good PR:

  1. Attract new customers by creating brand awareness.
  2. Enhance brand credibility by highlighting key achievements.
  3. Generate more sales by promoting new products to suitable media.
  4. Gain new partnerships or investment leads by incentivising other businesses.

Nevertheless, a lot of small firms neglect public relations. This is why we’ve come up with tips on how to boost your small business with PR without depleting your resources.

Public Relations Tips for Small Businesses

Prepare a Media Kit for any PR endeavours

Getting the word out on your brand is much easier with a media kit that has all the information about your business and tells a brand story. It’s also easy to make!

So, what goes in a media kit? And what do you do with one once you have it?

A media kit needs some of the following to capture your brand identity:

  • A fact sheet about your company
  • Biographies of the leadership team (with headshots!)
  • Your company logo
  • If you sell goods, provide product photos
  • If you’re a service provider, include photos of your staff in action
  • An overview of your company and its history

Your media kit should contain information that will help journalists, bloggers, and other content producers showcase your company in a knowledgeable and expert manner. Be sure to make it available for download on the company website for easy access.

Write and Distribute Press Releases

A simple and straightforward technique to get the attention of media sources is through press releases.

A press release is a brief announcement that you write and distribute to news outlets. Content creators are always hunting for stories, so why not help them out when it’s to your advantage?

Think about drafting a press release for:

  • A business launch
  • A new outlet or a location change
  • New products or services
  • A local event
  • Any charity work or sponsorship 
  • The unveiling of a new technology
  • Key news that people should know about

Create a list of press contacts at your local newspapers, local news channels, and local radio stations. These contacts should always be included when you distribute a press release.

For more significant news, create a list of social media influencer contacts, industry bloggers, and national trade association publications. If your news impacts more than your local community, send press releases to both your list of local contacts and your list of digital contacts.

Engage Key Opinion Leaders

Over 58% of the global population are on social media. Because social media is so widely used, key opinion leaders (KOLs) or influencers have been able to build a strong following online and this is an opportunity for every business.

Influencer collaborations are a powerful tool businesses use to promote their products and services. Brand cooperation on a product line or using a KOL as a brand ambassador or spokesman are common examples of this kind of engagement.

As a small business, it can be as easy as sending products to KOLs for them to try and if they like it, they may shout out your brand to their followers. But to have greater control over the message KOLs are delivering, you could sign a partnership whereby you pay them a fee to promote your brand. 

Engaging KOLs helps businesses target a specific demographic as influencers often have their own niche audience.

Good Public Relations Attracts New Customers

If you follow these simple steps, your small business will be attracting new customers to check out your brand or try your products. Why not make it easily available to them?

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