Jadi Life Solutions is no stranger to the digital landscape. 

Starting as an online business, the printing supplies brand had to adapt to the rapidly changing e-commerce space. When Covid-19 came around, there were challenges but also plenty of opportunities to grow for savvy businesses. 

The Operations Manager at Jadi Life Solutions, Putra Martin, sat down with us recently to take us through how the company powered through this difficult period.

A Digital-Centric Mindset

Formerly known as Jaditoner, the business started off in 2015 as a printing supplies brand that operated under its parent manufacturing company, Jadi Imaging Technologies. Jaditoner distributed a wide range of cartridges exclusively online. 

How Jadi Life Solutions Uses Dropee to Grow Digitally
Image credit: Jadi Life Solutions

Once its e-commerce platform and the operational side had been established, the company went on to expand its product categories under the name of Jadi Life Solutions in 2020. Since then, Jadi Life Solutions has expanded from a printing supplies brand to carrying papers, stationery and even healthcare products in its online store. 

Jadi Life has always been agile and quickly accommodated consumers’ changing needs. The company knew that consumers today want to shop smarter and adapted its business in response.

From carrying just its own brand, Jadi Life Solutions began retailing products from other local and global manufacturers too. At the same time, the business added an offline distribution channel to strengthen its omnichannel capabilities. 

Putra believes: “If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.” Having a digital-centric mindset allows Jadi Life Solutions to better meet its customers’ needs and deliver more value with digital solutions.

“There is always a market for something, it’s a matter of how we take the opportunity and grow from it.”

One of the major challenges for Jadi Life Solutions during MCO came from its export business under the parent company, Jadi Imaging Technologies. The restrictions during MCO affected it greatly – mainly logistically. As Jadi Imaging Technologies is the only toning manufacturer in Southeast Asia, this was a huge loss for the company.

But when one door closes, another one opens. While the export channel was disrupted, sales in the local market were booming for in-demand products. As most of the general public worked from home during MCO, they needed their own printing supplies. This increased sales for Jadi Life Solutions’ inkjet printers and cartridges. 

On top of that, Jadi Life saw an opportunity to market an even better product amidst the rising demand – inkjet refill – and created a video on how the product saves costs and the environment. The video on inkjet refill went viral and brought more traffic to Jadi Life Solutions.

Jadi Life was also geared to venture into healthcare before Covid-19 arrived in Malaysia. When the pandemic got worse, the company came out with its own face masks and sanitisers to supply the increasing demand. 

3D printing was another demand that Jadi Life met. Consumers staying at home were willing to invest in a new hobby like 3D printing and had extra cash on hand to spend. At the same time, 3D printing projects were becoming popular among university students. 

Jadi Life Solutions saw an opportunity to venture into the 3D printer segment and partnered with Anet, a top global cost-effective 3D manufacturer. Together, they launched a 3D printer and a range of corresponding products.

Expanding into B2B with Dropee

Direct-to-consumer businesses can earn more by expanding their distribution network and selling to other businesses.

When Jadi Life started, the company mainly focused on B2C. But when the marketing video on the inkjet refill went viral, Jadi Life started to venture more into B2B as it was an opportunity to optimise sales for a trending product. Additionally, many businesses were having a hard time buying printing supplies in bulk online.

Jadi Life found Dropee while researching marketplaces online and saw a gap in our product catalogue for printing supplies.

How Jadi Life Solutions Uses Dropee to Grow Digitally
Jadi Life Solutions on Dropee Marketplace

“Dropee reaches to a different segment than us, so when we found out there’s no printing consumable listing here, it was a major opportunity for us.”

Expanding your business’ reach is a key part of growing online and with Dropee, Jadi Life Solutions was able to tap into a new market and increase its B2B sales. Putra also credits Dropee’s features with helping him understand the customers’ purchasing trends.

Staying Agile to Meet Consumers’ Changing Needs

Putra’s philosophy is to “always listen to customers, analyse their problems, and curate their needs.” Jadi Life Solutions has proven that meeting your customers’ demands is the key to success. And in e-commerce, that means staying agile and having the right tools on hand to adapt to rapid changes.

“Business is all about solving problems. If we can solve a problem that we’ve never thought about, then even the niche segment can be covered.”

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