The Covid-19 pandemic has been a tough period for everyone in Malaysia. What initially was a health emergency quickly turned into a socioeconomic and humanitarian crisis as the country struggled to keep the number of cases down.

To combat the rising number of cases, the government imposed multiple lockdowns that kept getting extended as cases increased. This crippled our economy – businesses were forced to shut down and many Malaysians lost their source of income. 

Things started looking up when lockdowns ceased and the country’s vaccination rate increased. However, vulnerable communities that were hit hardest during the pandemic still struggle to make ends meet today.

At Dropee, we want to do our part – which is why we created the Dropee Cares initiative to help the communities that need it the most.

What is Dropee Cares?

Dropee Cares

Dropee Cares is the initiative we launched in collaboration with different NGOs across Malaysia. As part of this campaign, you can purchase essential items from our marketplace to donate to the NGOs and Dropee will subsidise a portion of the total bill!

By donating through this campaign, you’re supporting the NGOs and helping those in need. At the same time, you will also play a part in boosting the economy and supporting our local suppliers – another segment that was severely impacted by the lockdowns as well.

How Dropee Cares Work

On our Dropee Cares page, you can find a list of NGOs that we’re collaborating with. From there, the process is simple!

Step 1: Select an NGO

Select an NGO of your choice to donate to. We currently have six NGOs under the Dropee Cares initiative – each of them focusing on different causes and communities. Clicking on an NGO will take you to its own page for the next step.

Step 2: Add Goods to Cart

Once you’ve landed on an NGO’s campaign page, it’s time to add the items you would like to donate into the cart! Dropee has curated a range of essential products for each organisation. Rest assured that the products listed were specifically requested by the NGOs themselves and consist of items they need the most.

Step 3: Make your Purchase

The final step is checking out! Each NGO under Dropee Cares has its own promo code listed on the campaign page – be sure to use it during checkout to get the subsidy. You should also remember to enter the address provided by the NGO as the shipping address.

Once the order has been made, it will be followed closely by our fulfilment team and will typically get delivered within 5 days.

NGOs Under Dropee Cares

Choose from these six NGOs under the Dropee Cares initiative.

Pertubuhan Pembangunan Wanita Tamarai

With the mission to ‘teach them how to fish, not only give them free fish’, this NGO provides education and teaches valuable life skills to ex-prisoners and their families, high-risk youths, single parents and B40 families to help them build a better future for themselves.

Hope Selangor

Hope prioritises the most vulnerable demographic – women, youths and children. The organisation works towards alleviating poverty and social exclusion for these groups through programs like charity work, skills workshops and counselling.

Pusat Jagaan Warga Istimewa Kempas

A welfare organisation that works to provide personalised care and full protection to disabled and elderly men & women, as well as give them a shelter they can call home and a community they can call family. 

Pusat Jagaan Harapan Baru Warga Emas

A non-profit charitable organisation with the aim of providing substantial and meaningful assistance to the ones in need. At their core, they strive to make charitable giving a part of everyone’s lives.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan Al-Firdausi

A welfare organisation that funnels the contribution they receive towards aiding those in need. With their mission to help anyone in need, Al-Firdausi provides them with daily necessities no matter their race, colour, or religion.

Chen Ai Oku Charity Foundation

A charity foundation that shelters and provides a home to 25 intellectually disabled people tackling challenges like learning disabilities and autism. The foundation takes care of the disabled’s wellbeing and medical needs while providing training courses.

Alternatively, Donate to your Preferred NGO

Prefer to donate to an organisation you’re more familiar with? You can select ‘Other’ from the list of NGOs and follow the same steps to place an order. All you have to do is enter the address of the organisation you wish to donate to and checkout with the promo code provided.

At Dropee, we are eager to help as many as we can. If there is an organisation you would like to nominate for the Dropee Cares campaign, do let us know by clicking the ‘Nominate Here’ button at the bottom of the page!

Give Back to the Community with Dropee Cares

Low-income and vulnerable groups in Malaysia are disproportionately affected by the pandemic and need continuous support to get back on their feet. 

Supporting organisations that are working towards not just temporary aid but substantial change in the affected communities is the best way to give back. And the NGOs we are collaborating with are doing just that.

Head to the Dropee Cares page now to donate!


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