The year-end festivities are just around the corner – are you fully equipped to handle the incoming demand? As F&B sellers like yourselves, you’d know all too well about the surge in demand around this time of the year. What’s more, with an ongoing pandemic, Christmas 2020 is shaping up to be one like no other. 

In our previous article, we’ve shared key strategies in navigating the season, which include digitising processes, tailoring needs, and prioritising personalisation. 

But for this article, we’re taking things up a notch. We know finding the right F&B wholesale products from the right suppliers is tough, especially with this year’s fluctuating demand. That’s why we’ve compiled the top bestsellers to ensure you have all the right F&B products to sell to your customers! 

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In this list, you’ll find products under three categories: mains, drinks, and desserts, all of which are top trending products on Dropee Marketplace.

Christmas 2020: Top Bestsellers 


For the main course, the top two products here are Christmas dinner staples. Our #1 in the list, Knorr Demi Glace Brown Sauce Mix, has been a frequent bestseller at Dropee Marketplace for a few consecutive weeks!

#1 Knorr Demi Glace Brown Sauce Mix 
#2 Haco Mushroom Cream Soup


For drinks, we’ve rounded up favourites for all age groups, from hot chocolate for young children to white wine (non-halal) for adults! 

In fact, the keyword ‘hot chocolate’ typically begins to trend from November, and is likely to stay upward until the Christmas season. Capitalise on this and stock up on our #3 bestseller, 3in1 Hot Chocolate Drinks 5s Box!

The keyword ‘hot chocolate’ started to trend around November.

We’ve also thrown in some classic favourites, such as Ribena and Coca-Cola!

#3 3in1 Hot Chocolate Drinks 5s Box
#4 Ribena Concentrate
#5 Coca-Cola Classic
#6 2017 Stone Circle Moscato [White Wine] (Non-Halal)


The keyword ‘christmas baking’ lies dormant for the most part of the year, and only springs up when the season arrives. Be sure to stock up on these party treats, such as M&M Chocolate and Hershey’s to meet this surge in demand!

The keyword ‘christmas baking’ only trends when the festive season arrives!

In fact, some of these products, like the Ferrero Rocher T24, have festive packaging that is perfect for Christmas gifting!

#7 Ferrero Rocher T24
#8 Orchard Gold Smoothie Blend Mixed Berry
#9 Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
#10 M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candy

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