Kuala Lumpur, 23 October 2017 – Dropee, a local based technology start-up, today launched the full release of its B2B marketplace and introduced a new web interface to further streamline trading between suppliers and retailers. Prior to the full release, Dropee was running on beta since early this year.

Unlike previously, current Dropee is able to support any number of suppliers and retailers. In addition, it also brings a new web interface that contains enhancements to help improve and optimize the way suppliers trade products with retailers. For instance, suppliers now have a new dashboard that has greater functionalities to help speed up documentation processing, to better manage relationships with customers and more. Dropee full release is now accessible by registered retailers and suppliers and it is available at a same low rate, starting at RM388 per month.

Key enhancements brought by the new Dropee are:

1. Targeted promotional campaigns: Unlike previously, suppliers now can launch promotional campaigns where they can choose to specify which customers that are eligible for additional discounts from the listed prices on Dropee. Dropee system is flexible enough for them to key in any amount of discounts to be given to eligible customers. Additionally, frequent customers of the suppliers will be able to request to be a part of this additional discount feature by clicking on the “Request For Additional Discounts” button on the their respective dashboard.

2. Better streamline ordering process: With the new interface, the process of ordering can be done more efficiently where retailers can place new orders and to re-order directly without relying on a sales person from the supplier to help them. Subsequently, this empowers suppliers and their sales team by enabling them to focus on closing more new accounts and servicing a larger pool of retailers than they previously could.

3. Easier discovery of wholesale pricing goods (buyers): Different than the old interface, current Dropee allows retailers to discover products easier based on their categories of interests such as Convenience Stores, F&B Restaurants, and others which are curated by Dropee team for each category after making sure that the products listed are at wholesale prices.

Lennise Ng, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Dropee said, “We are truly excited that the Dropee’s full release is here and we now have a new web interface. After months of running on beta, we’ve improved our system to be ready to take on any number of suppliers and retailers. We have also decided to revamp the interface of our B2B marketplace to benefit both retailers and suppliers. We are pleased with the result where it is now easier for suppliers to manage their sales and for retailers to get the best deals that meet their needs and budget.”

Aizat Rahim, chief operating officer (COO) of Dropee said, “We’ve run a test for the new enhancements with some of our users and they have noted an increase in recurring sales due to a faster replenishment process from reduced documentation time. On top of that, their process ordering rate has increased by 30% within two months, based on an internal survey conducted.”

Lennise Ng added, “Our target is to have 1000 small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) retailers sourcing from our platform in the next six months. Currently, we have more than 1000 of products of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and, the number is growing rapidly. With just a few clicks of a button, retailers can find products that they want and from the suppliers and brands that they trust.”

“We plan to expand our on-ground sales team and form strategic partnerships with organizations who aim to provide better services to SME business owners across Malaysia. We will be looking to enter different states in the first quarter of 2018,” Lennise explained about her plan for market acquisition.

Some of the retailers that have used Dropee include offline retailers such as Shell Select, Pusrawi and local F&B outlets such as Kopi Time, as well as, online retailers such as GrubCycle and Giftr.

About Dropee:
Dropee is a B2B marketplace that brings together suppliers and retailers on a single platform. With Dropee retailers can now source for products directly from qualified wholesalers, manufacturers and principals at a faster, cheaper and reliable way. Our platform makes it easy for both suppliers and retailers to digitize sales orders, track inventories and fulfilment of goods as well as to access real-time analytical reports.
Dropee is a brand owned by Macro Tech Ventures Sdn. Bhd. Visit our website at www.borong.com.