Finding the right cafe products to stock is often a trial-and-error for independent cafe owners in Malaysia. 

Consumer preferences change over time, making some products less popular than others. As small businesses that have only been operating for a few years, cafe owners also struggle with finding good suppliers. Cafe owners are not just looking for the right products from suppliers, they also need top-notch service and personalised solutions that not every supplier can offer.

The last couple of years in the pandemic brought new challenges to the table. The global supply chain was in shambles and the aftershocks are still felt today. Even though we are getting closer to the endemic phase, we’re approaching it at different rates than other countries. This means that supply shortages still happen because Covid-19 infection rates and the implications are different everywhere.

Finding the Right Cafe Products Suppliers

As the cafe culture in Malaysia continues to grow amidst fewer restrictions, cafes are returning to full capacity. The increase in demand is making it difficult to source cafe products. Scarce ingredients and slow deliveries are two of the biggest challenges cafe owners today face.

But finding the right suppliers for cafe products is not just about who has the largest stock. Wholesale suppliers have to be able to meet different needs, from custom orders to complex deliveries. Cafe owners also require flexible payment terms and not every supplier offers them. 

Using a one-stop platform like Dropee is best because you not only have access to many suppliers on a single platform – you also get personalised service and simplified processes. 

Dropee has an extensive catalogue of cafe products from hundreds of suppliers to help you source essential ingredients.

Essential Cafe Products to Stock

Coffee Beans

No cafe is complete without a selection of high-quality coffee beans for the perfect cuppa. Cafe owners can find an extensive selection of roasted coffee beans ranging from Arabica and Robusta to even Vietnamese and Tanzanian blends. Some of the brands you can find on Dropee Marketplace include Segafredo, Boncafe, and Le Bistro.

Dairy Milk

Find premium dairy milk to complement your beverages. Whole milk or full-fat milk adds body to your drinks and produces the thick, rich foam that tops lattes and cappuccinos. Low-fat milk, on the other hand, is lighter and will let the flavour of the coffee cut through more clearly. Both are essential to any barista’s arsenal of ingredients. 

Non-Dairy Milk

Non-dairy milk has grown in popularity due to a rising interest in plant-based foods. Coupled with personal preferences and dietary restrictions, more and more cafes are beginning to offer non-dairy milk alternatives as part of their menu. You can find a wide selection of barista-approved soy milk, oat milk, and nut milks on Dropee from brands such as Farm Fresh, Milklab, and V-Soy.


For cafe patrons that want a lighter alternative to coffee, tea is often the beverage of choice. From robust black teas to delicate and floral chamomile tea and even matcha, discover a wide selection of local and international brands and speciality tea blends online at Dropee – available in both loose leaf and packaged form.

Sugars and Sweeteners

Whether it’s sugar or sugar alternatives such as honey or agave syrup, this set of raw ingredients will always come in handy to sweeten teas, enhance the chocolate flavour in mochas and much more.

Soft Drinks

Cafes are where people come to socialise and in a group, there’s bound to be one person who does not drink coffee or tea. Having a selection of soft drinks is essential to cater to your customers’ different tastes. Another upside to soft drinks is that they have long shelf lives, so you don’t have to worry about selling them quickly. 

Bottled Water

Coffee is a diuretic, which decreases the fluids in our system. This is why customers tend to sip on water in between or after their cuppa as feeling thirsty is a common side effect. Cafes typically serve filtered water to customers but many would ask for bottled water instead. Some are concerned about hygiene while others prefer the taste of mineral water. Either way, it’s good practice to have bottled water on the menu at your cafe.

Serving Items

We’ve covered all the raw ingredients and accompanying products you need, but what about when you’re actually serving the customers? It’s the attention to detail that makes your customers happy. From giving them serviettes and stirrers to make it easier for them to consume your products comfortably. You can find everything you need to elevate the customer experience on Dropee – good coffee cups, cup trays, straws and more.

Buy Cafe Products on Dropee

Dropee is your one-stop platform for essential cafe products. We have a wide selection of categories to meet your every need. Whether you’re just building a cafe or if you’re looking for a better solution, we can help you simplify product sourcing. Click here to browse Dropee’s catalogue and stock up for your cafe!


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