Digitalisation has become a key ingredient for success across many businesses in different industries, including the world of wholesale. E-commerce wholesale businesses have been a game changer in the B2B market, increasing approximately 25% of sales in recent times.

As we’ve mentioned in this article Tips for Selling On a Wholesale Marketplace, there are several factors to be considered before running a business online, such as:

  • Demographic information of online customers
  • Tools to boost B2B sales
  • An online marketplace you can trust
  • An allocation of funds for your company’s e-commerce needs

A digital shift in your business model may demand some dedicated time and research. However, the benefits of moving your wholesale business online outweigh the effort required to make it happen!

In this article, we’ll explore the key benefits to having an e-commerce wholesale business.

#1 Reduce operation costs

B2B buyers have a strong tendency to make regular and significant online purchases, as it perfectly aligns with their online product research process. As a result, a staggering 70% of B2B decision-makers are now open to embracing innovative self-service or remote purchasing methods for transactions exceeding $50,000

To provide customers with a smooth buying experience, it is important to have wholesale products easily available for online purchase.

#2 Reduce operation costs

E-commerce has the potential to decrease transaction costs by making supply chain management and distribution processes more efficient, reducing the need for manual work.

This allows businesses to allocate more budgets to areas like research and development, product creation, and more.

#3 Increase brand credibility without compromising marketing budget 

Having an e-commerce platform for your brand can greatly enhance your online presence, leading to greater visibility and exposure among a wider audience. Furthermore, when you attract reputable retailers to your wholesale business, it not only strengthens your credibility but also enhances your standing in the public’s perception.

#4 Ordering system available 24 hours

An e-commerce platform guarantees that your wholesale business remains open for sales round the clock. Online ordering systems are available 24/7. They benefit customers globally and locally, especially those who cannot visit during regular business hours.

Final Thoughts

Platforms such as Dropee Direct make it easier to bring your wholesale business online. They offer a personalized dashboard that streamlines your operations, making the transition to e-commerce seamless. Learn more by scheduling a free demo here.

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