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How Does Field Sales App Solve Agent Pain Points

Small businesses and mom-and-pop store owners face many  challenges when it comes to managing a sales team, servicing customers with meetings and tracking for sales performance. It  can be extremely time-consuming with tons of paperworks and manual processes. That’s why Borong’s Field Sales App is the go-to solution for  field

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Strategies for Malaysian Retailers to Increase Value

When we think of Malaysian retailers, these are probably the names that come to mind: Ben’s Independent Grocer, Jaya Grocer and HeroMarket to name a few. But there is also an increasing number of small local retailers that play a big role in driving our economy. In this article, we

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Cara untuk Pilih Pembekal yang Tepat

Memilih pembekal yang tepat adalah penting untuk peruncit, ia mempengaruhi kualiti produk, harga dan kepuasan pelanggan. Artikel ini mengupas pertimbangan dan strategi penting untuk memilih pembekal dengan berkesan demi memenuhi keperluan bisnes anda. 1. Fahami Keperluan Perniagaan Anda Tahu apa yang anda perlukan! Tentukan keperluan perniagaan anda dengan jelas, termasuk

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