Let's talk about Borong's return policies! After selling your products, you may come across customers who wish to return them. In this section, we’ve listed our return policies for these situations.


  • Return policies are the rules retail merchants established to manage the process of returning or exchanging unwanted or defective merchandise that customers purchased. Return policies are an extension of the customer service retailers provide and tend to be fairly liberal as a consequence. For this reason, many consumers hold the mistaken belief that they can always return merchandise for a full refund regardless of the circumstances. In reality, both regular and online merchants enjoy great leeway in establishing individual policies. As returns have become more prevalent and more costly, some merchants have imposed tighter restrictions on merchandise returns.


  • Payback or reimbursement (money), typically to a customer who is not satisfied with goods or services bought.

Borong and its’ interpretation & annotation:

  • Return is a structured process created by Borong for its sellers to provide the buyers who requested the return & refund with the same unit(s) and/or SKU that are non-defective and/or non-damaged. Borong will process the refund in cash within 7 working days directly to buyers.

Good(s), product(s), item(s) or service(s) provided and/or fulfilled and/or shipped and/or handled by Borong, including Warehouse Deals or Fulfill-by Borong Account must be returned within 3 to 5 working days of receipt of shipment.

Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them. For example, due to hygiene issues, certain product categories, such as fresh produce and face masks, are exempted from our return & refund policy. Please reach out to us at, or WhatsApp us at our Sellers Support WhatsApp Chat to clarify further details.

Refer to Section 6 of the Requirements for a Return & Refund Submission to see the items that are eligible for returns or refunds.

In most cases, Borong will process the refund via cash within 7 working days directly to buyers after the refund request has been successfully approved by both Borong and the seller.

However, in some cases, a shopping voucher will be input into the Buyer’s account instead. Please contact our customer service for direct clarification.

When an item is fulfilled and shipped by a seller on their own (also called a third-party seller, which make up most sellers on Borong), items will be sent back to the seller instead of Borong.

While most sellers offer a returns policy equivalent to Borong’s, some may vary.

If the buyer’s request of return & refund has been successful and as the order of Section 4, 5, 6 and 7 as below, the seller must either:

  • provide a return address within Malaysia and provide a pre-paid return label; or
  • offer a full refund‎‎

Returns for items purchased via delivery with third-party services must be scheduled for pick-up or exchange. If a seller does not schedule a return or is non-responsive to schedule an appointment for the return of your items, please contact us at

For items that were sent within Malaysia and with an order value of RM100.00 or more, buyers are required to insure the shipment for the value of the merchandise.

Items valued over RM50.00 must be returned to the seller with a trackable shipping service.

Documents required include:

  • 3 clear photographs of the product to demonstrate its damages, defectiveness and/or mistake with the order
  • Consignment notes
  • Reason for return or refund
  • Bank details (for refunds)

You may request an exchange or refund due to any of the following reasons:

  • Damaged Items – The order arrived with damaged exterior packaging. The items should remain unopened.
  • Defective Items – The order arrived with damaged interiors, only noticeable after the packaging has been opened.
  • Wrong Products – The order received does not match the quotation/invoice/receipt. The products should remain unopened and unused.
  • Late Delivery – The products were sent late exceeding 5 working days (upon order placement) without any confirmation and communication from the seller or Borong.
  • Expired or Nearly-expired Products – The products delivered by the suppliers are near the expiry date (less than three [3] months) without informing the buyers (or listed on the product description) beforehand.

Requests for returns/refunds can be made through our Dispute Feature, implemented to protect sellers on Borong. It is up to your discretion to approve or reject the request. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Supplier Dashboard, on “Orders” click on “Dispute”. Here, you can view the “dispute” requests that your customers have submitted.
  2. Click on the “Dispute” button next to the request you would like to settle.
  3. Review the documents submitted thoroughly. If the images are sufficient, click “Yes, Reviewing”. If not, click “No, Ask to Resend”. This will inform the buyers to resend the images under their status.

    Note that requesting additional files is only available at this stage.

  4. After reviewing the dispute, please accept or reject the request. 

    • If you choose to accept, click “Yes, Accept” and proceed to select the settlement method, whether it’s to refund or return. Once the buyer has received the settlement, the dispute ticket is closed!
    • If you choose to reject, please select one of the following reasons, along with an explanation (justification).
  1. The buyer selected Replacement but I’ve run out of stock and after chatting with the buyer, I’ve decided to refund instead. Do I just accept the replacement dispute and proceed to a refund?
    When reviewing the dispute, you are able to select your preferred settlement method, whether it is to accept a refund or return for the disputed item.

If you have other queries/issues we can help you with, please contact us via our Sellers Support WhatsApp Chat.

For buyers, here are the steps to submit a return or refund.

  • Step 1
    Within 24 hours after delivery, take 3 clear photographs of the product to demonstrate its i) damages and/or ii) defectiveness. Please also complete the same step if you have received the wrong order as proof.

  • Step 2
    The product should be stored in the appropriate room temperature – chilled or frozen facility if required – until pick up is arranged by the seller. In the case of defectiveness in product, in which the packaging has been opened, the product should be packed properly to allow for handling by the seller (e.g. no loose pieces, spillages)
  • Step 3
    Go to and sign into your account. Go to your dashboard, and click on “Orders”. Once you’re there,  click the “View Details” of the order you would like to replace or refund.

    Click on the “Dispute” button on the top-right corner of your order information section.
  • Step 4
    You will be asked to select one of the following reasons for your dispute, along with a space to provide an explanation of what is wrong with your order.
    • Damage Good (Goods with damaged exterior packaging)
    • Excess Drop Off Item (Product quantity does not match the invoice/quotation/receipt)
    • Expired Goods (Goods that have gone past the expiry date) 
    • Shortage Items (Missing items)
    • Wrong Items (Product received does not match the invoice/quotation/receipt)
  • Step 5
    On the next page, provide the details for your dispute.
    • A: Let us know the products and quantity you’d like to replace or refund.
    • B: Under “Supporting Documents,” upload 3 clear photographs taken in Step 1, along with the consignment notes.
      If the seller finds your images unclear, they can ask you to resend images, delaying your processing time.
    • C: Select your settlement method for your dispute.
      Please take note that the preferred settlement method may or may not be final. It is up to the seller’s discretion to approve or reject your dispute.
  • And you’re done! From here, the seller will either approve or reject your request. 
    • If approved, you will be compensated with either a refund (cash or credit note), or a replacement of the same item.
    • If rejected, the seller will provide a reason. 
      If you’re unhappy with the reasoning, please contact us at or WhatsApp us at +60162994484.
  • There is a messaging function available called Dispute Discussion where you can message the seller directly to reach a mutual agreement.

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