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Now that you've set up your account, what's next? In this section, we'll walk you through the steps to manage your store, including understanding RFQ and setting up promotions.

Let's begin!

Now that you’re signed in, you can review your Supplier Dashboard at your main homepage. Your Supplier Dashboard consists of widgets that allow you to visualise your data and analytics across key areas, as well as your company’s performance on Borong. 

Below is a list of widgets on your Dashboard, along with explanations of what they mean:

  • A – This widget highlights the number of orders you’ve had in the Last Week, as well as the number of orders you’ve had the last month (Last Month), and the current month (This Month).
  • B – Next to it, you’ll find this widget which shows the amount you’ve earned through your sales, in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). You are able to see the amount for the past week (Last Week), the last month (Last Month), and the current month (This Month).
  • C – As a seller, the “Products” widget will be helpful to you to observe how many products you’ve uploaded in the past week (Last Week), in the previous month (Last Month), and this month (This Month).
  • D – While it’s helpful to know how many products you’ve sold, it is also important to see how many customers you’ve sold to. The “Customers” widget can help you. Similarly to the previous widgets, this one shows the numbers for Last Week, Last Month, and This Month.

  • E – Under “Orders Insights,” you can find the number of orders waiting to be processed.
  • F – You can also find the amount you will receive after processing all of your orders, in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). “Due payments” can also be triggered if the buyer pays on credit terms.

    You will receive the payment in your stipulated bank account, after you’ve fulfilled the orders and the payments are made.
  • G – Once a customer makes a purchase for your product, the order information will appear under this table, including the date purchased, supplier order number, retailer details, order total, status, and the action that needs to be taken. After you have processed the order, the information will disappear from this table.
  • H – This widget shows the sales trends for your products, based on the orders that are made by your customers, and the total amount you’ve earned. You can view the sales trends within the month or the year, or since you joined Dropee (All Time).
  • I – The information of your best customers will appear here, based on those who have made the highest quantity of purchases (Most Orders), and who have paid the highest amount through sales (Most Sales). You can view your best customer of the month (This Month), the year (This Year), or since you joined Dropee (All Time).

    If customers on Borong can’t find a desired product, they can request for a quotation.

    The Request For Quotation (RFQ) feature allows you to immediately respond to potential customers, and gives you the opportunity to close more sales!

    This following guide will show you how it works.

    1. After signing into your account, go to your Supplier Dashboard and click on “RFQ”. Once you’re there, you’ll find all of the RFQs that have been submitted by interested customers.

    2. If you carry the requested items and can fulfil it by the “End date”, you can respond to the RFQ and offer a quotation by clicking on “Make an offer”.
    3. Proceed to selecting a product that satisfies the request by clicking on “Find Product”.
    4. If the product has not been uploaded to your Borong listing, you can click on “Add new product” to upload a new product. Otherwise, if the product in the RFQ has been previously listed on the platform, you can immediately click on “Select”, next to the existing product.
    5. Next, key in the quantity that you can fulfil based on the customer’s requested “RFQ Quantity”.
    6. Lastly, click on “Submit Quotation”, and confirm your submission.
      The customer will immediately be notified of your quotation. If they accept it, they can proceed with the purchase.
    Setting Shipping Options

    There are 3 options that are available for sellers to fulfil orders on the marketplace.

    1. Self Pick-up:  Customers can physically collect their orders from your warehouse when they are ready. If you click “Yes” on the “Self Pick-up” option during the product upload process, they will be able to select that option when checking out.
    2. Third-Party Logistics (3PL): Borong works closely with several logistics partners that are equipped to handle and deliver shipment in a timely manner. We work with some of the biggest providers in the industry, such as… who are the experts in fulfillment. This option is the most popular choice by both sellers and buyers. 
    3. Shipping by Supplier: You as a seller have the option to self-manage order fulfilment/delivery for your Borong customers.
    Setting Shipping Charges 

    At the moment, sellers are not able to input shipping rates, as those are set by our delivery partners. For more information, please refer to the Fulfilment section. 

    However, there is an option to set a “free shipping MOQ” for customers to receive free delivery from your company, provided that they meet the minimum spend (in RM). 

    To set it, we’ve prepared a step-by-step checklist to guide you through the process.

    1. Go to “Manage Shipping Method” and click on the dropdown arrow for “Seller’s Logistic”. Then, click on “Manage Shipping Rate”.
    2. Click on “Free Shipping”, and then “Add”.

    3. Enter the minimum order price that would trigger your free delivery based on the Retailers Zip Code or State, and then click “Submit”.

      In this example, customers who purchase products worth RM300 and above are entitled to free shipping from you, the Supplier. You may input as many Zip Codes or/and States as you like. 

    On Borong Marketplace, you can add your customer as one of your Special Retailers. This feature allows you to input a special discount price only for your special retailers. You can also allow your Special Retailers to apply for credit terms up to 60 days from this feature.

    There are two ways for retailers to answer questions. 

    1. The first, is by leaving them at the bottom of a product page.

      If a question is left under your product, you will receive a notification, and will be able to answer the question directly.
    2. The second way, is through Borong’s Live Chat service, email, or our Support WhatsApp Chat. The questions asked through these channels will be answered by the Borong Team. If we receive questions about your particular product that we are unsure about, we will contact and ask you before communicating with the retailer.

    Now that your products are listed on Borong, you can present offers and promotions to customers, to boost sales and attract traffic! 

    How? Below, you’ll find checklists to guide you through the process of setting up promotions for your products, including discounts and free gifts.

    Checklist: Setting Up Discounts For Products
    1. Login to your Borong Seller account.
    2. Go to your Supplier Dashboard and select “Promotions”.
    3. Select “Add Promotion Code”.
    4. Key in the promotion code and promotion details.
    5. To activate the promotion, make sure to change the status to “Active”. Enter the promotion rules.


      • If it is a discount promo i.e. 10% OFF, include the capped (maximum amount) i.e. 10% OFF min. Spend RM100, capped at RM20.
      • If you have a budget for the promo, please include the amount. Otherwise, leave blank.
    6. Add a retailer promotion if it is for certain retailers only. Similarly, you may add a product promotion if it is for specific products only. Otherwise, leave this section blank. .
    7. Check your promotion code. 
      Once you have created your promotion code, you will be brought back to the promotions code. Here, you have the option to edit/delete the promotion code.

    Checklist: Setting Up Free Gifts With Purchases
    1. Login to your Borong Seller account.

    2. Go to your Supplier Dashboard and select “Promotions”.
    3. Select “Promotion Free Item”.
    4. Key in the promotion details and click “Save”.
    5. Check your promotion.
      Once you have created your promotion code, you will be brought back to the promotions code. Here, you have the option to edit/delete the promotion code.

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