Manage Your Sales
Congratulations on getting your first sale on Borong! Let's go through the steps to handle orders, reject orders, and manage your customers.

Order Management

We’ll walk you through the process of accessing your orders, customer orders, and order details. This includes guidance on both rejecting and fulfilling an order.

We aim to ensure that you are notified immediately when a customer makes a purchase for your product. As soon as you receive a new order, you will be notified in 3 separate ways : 

  1. Dashboard Bell: Check your dashboard notification bell and process orders with a click.

  2. Email Alerts: Receive automatic emails for new orders, including purchase orders generated by Borong.

  3. WhatsApp Notification: Stay in the loop with WhatsApp alerts via Borong’s Sellers Support WhatsApp Chat.

To view a list of your orders along with the relevant information, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to your Supplier Dashboard and under “Orders”, click on “To Process”. Here, you can view your order history and information for every order.

  2. Click on the Supplier Order ID (ie: #XXXXX-XXXX), or click on “View”  to view specific order information you want and the list of products.

  3. View the (A) order details in this section. If you wish to download your purchase order, click on (B) “Download PO”. You may choose to (C) confirm or reject an order based on your capability. This will change the order status.

  4.  If you reject an order, a pop-up will appear for you to fill in your reason. If you choose to reject the order, the reason behind your decision will be shared with the customer who placed the order. For example, if your product is out of stock, please say so under “Reason”.

    Do note that rejecting an order for no valid reason on multiple occasions will affect your seller ratings. However, if you choose to confirm your order, you may proceed to fulfil it and arrange for shipping. 

To view the order you’d like to fulfil, click on “To Process” under the “Orders” tab on your Supplier Dashboard. To view the order information, click on the (A) Supplier Order ID (ie: #XXXXX – XXXX) or click on (B) “View”.

You have the option to fulfill your order partially or completely.

Partial Fulfillment

Follow these steps to fulfill your order partially.

  1. Click on the “Partial Fulfilment” button above the order information. You will be asked to specify the quantity of the product that you’d like to deliver.

    Click “confirm” once you’ve entered the information.
  2. The buyer will receive an email of a Partial Fulfilment request, which they must accept or reject.
    • If the buyer rejects the request, the order will be cancelled.
    • If the buyer accepts the request, you may continue with the shipping process.
      (If you haven’t fulfilled the entire order, repeat the steps to specify the next quantity of products you’d like to deliver.)
  3. For your partial fulfilment, you have the option of choosing your own logistics partner to deliver your products, provided you have an account with them. Here’s a guide to do so:
    1. On your supplier dashboard, click on “Fulfilment.” Under “Manage Shipping Method,” you may activate the providers you have accounts with.

    2. You may set your rate cards, based on the location for your deliveries (appointed by zones), and the weight of the products.
    3. Once you’re done, these options will be available to you for your order fulfilment. You may choose them as your shipping methods to deliver the products ordered by your customers. 
2  Complete Fulfillment

There are 3 options that are available for sellers to fulfil orders on the marketplace.

  1. Self Pick-up: Customers can physically collect their orders from your warehouse when they are ready. If you click “Yes” on the “Self Pick-up” option during the product upload process, they will be able to select that option when checking out.
  2. Third-Party Logistics (3PL): Borong works closely with several logistics partners that are equipped to handle and deliver shipments in a timely manner. We work with some of the biggest providers in the industry who are experienced in fulfilling orders of all kinds of products. This option is the most popular choice by both sellers and buyers.
  3. Shipping by Supplier: You as a seller have the option to self-manage order fulfilment/delivery for your Borong customers.


Here are the steps to take depending on the chosen shipping option:
  1. Order Fulfilment #1: Self-Pick Up from Warehouse
    1. Under “Orders” on your supplier dashboard, you can view the orders that customers have chosen for self-pickup by looking at the “Shipping Option” tab.
    2. You may proceed to check the order details, download the purchase order and accept/reject the order. The purchase order and the order details page will display the status of the order to be picked up by the customer.
    3. Borong team will manage both you, and the buyer, on the pick-up date and time.

What’s next?

      1. Seller will inform Borong team of the date and time (when) the products will be ready for self-pickup, via Whatsapp.
      2. Borong team will inform the buyer and share confirmation with the seller, on the buyer’s preferred pickup date & time.
      3. The buyer will pick up the product and confirm with Borong team once the exchange is done. On the other side, the seller will also confirm the exchange with Borong team.


    2. Order Fulfilment #2: Borong’s Third Party Logistics (3PL)

      1. If the buyer chooses not to pick up an order or trigger the free delivery MOQ, the shipping will be carried out by Borong’s Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Partners.

      2. To check if the orders have been fulfilled by our logistics partner, go to your supplier dashboard and under “Orders”, click on Packed”. Click on the Supplier Order ID (ie: #XXXXX – XXXX) to view the order details.
      3. You may check the order details, download the purchase order, and accept or reject the order. The purchase order will display the buyer’s delivery address as well as the shipping costs. Sellers may opt to provide the delivery service with this fee if they wish to do so.

      4. We will be in touch to arrange the pick-up date once the products are ready. Below, you’ll find a guide on how to prepare your products for both Courier & Runner Delivery Services.

What’s next?

      1. You, as the seller, will inform Borong team of the date and time (when) the products are going to be ready to be picked up by Borong’s 3PL partner. You will also let us know how many boxes are to be collected. We will be in contact through the Sellers Support WhatsApp Chat.
      2. Borong team will arrange for a pickup with our 3PL partner. Please note the following:
        • If you have multiple items to deliver, it should be packed into 1 box. Each box should not weigh more than 20kg.
        • Contents of any box weighing more than 20kg should be re-packed into another box weighing less than 20kg.

Courier Service Delivery:

      1. Borong team will arrange for a pickup with our 3PL partner. We will provide you with the Airway Bill (AWB) and tracking number, either via email or WhatsApp.
      2. You will prepare the products for pick-up, and stick the AWB onto the box(es).
      3. When the products are ready, keep in mind that the pick-up time for our 3PL partners is from 10am to 6pm. If the courier is yet to be picked up by 5pm, please inform us via the Sellers Support WhatsApp Chat.

Runner Delivery:

      1. Borong team will arrange for pick-up by our 3PL partner, and inform you on the runner details and pick up time.
      2. Once you are informed, you will prepare the products for pick-up.
      3. Borong’s 3PL partner will pick up the products and deliver them to the buyer.

*Please note the following: You may choose to deliver the products using your own logistic services. You will be paid the shipping fee that was auto-calculated based on the weight of the product and the distance of the delivery should you choose to do so. If you would like to opt for that, kindly message our Customer Experience team on our Sellers Support WhatsApp Chat.



    3. Order Fulfilment #3: Free Delivery by Seller

    • There is an option to set a “Free Shipping MOQ” where buyers must meet the minimum spend (in RM) in order to receive free delivery from your company. To set your free shipping MOQ please refer to this guide.

    • If a buyer’s order meets your free delivery criteria as set on the Fulfilment” dashboard, the order will then be delivered by your team.
    • To check the orders that are entitled to the free delivery service by your business, go to your supplier dashboard and under “Orders”, click on To Process”. Click on the Supplier Order ID (ie: #XXXXX – XXXX) to view the order details.

You may find the order details here, and choose to download the purchase order, and accept or reject the order. The purchase order will show the shipping information provided by the buyer as well as the “Total Shipping Cost”, which is RM0.00.

Borong team will manage both you and the buyer, on the delivery date and time.


What’s next?

      1. You will inform Borong team of the date and time (when) the products will be ready for delivery.
      2. Borong team will inform the buyer, and notify you about the buyer’s preferred delivery date and time, if there is one.
      3. You will send the products out for delivery and confirm with Borong team once the process is complete. The buyer will also have to confirm that the products have been delivered.

Effective on 19 August 2022, for every sale on Borong, you will b charged a commission rate of 3% (1% Borong’s sales commission + 2% payment gateway = 3%.)

However, to welcome new Borong sellers, there is a 0% commission charge for your first 2 months on the platform, or before you reach RM5,000 in sales – whichever comes first.

The sales commission on orders covers our costs that go into securing new buyers for your brand, offering great customer service and support to drive more wholesale orders, as well as developing new platform features that help you service your existing buyers better!

Rejecting Orders

You may reject orders if you have a strong reason. For example, if the product is out of stock. Here’s how you can do so.

You may reject orders if you have a strong reason, like if the product is out of stock. 

On your supplier dashboard, there is an option to Cancel Order” under the relevant Order ID”. If you choose to do so, you must provide the rejection reason in the pop-up box. The rejected order status and the reason behind it will automatically be shared with the buyer who placed the order.

Do note that rejecting an order for no valid reason on multiple occasions will affect your seller rating.

Managing Your Customers

In this section, we will go through the processes of handling your orders. This includes the steps to take to view your orders, to view the customer and order information, to reject an order, and to fulfil an order.

As your customer base grows on Borong, it’s important to be able to track them for future references. This is especially important if you want to provide a better experience for them.

  1. View your list of customers through your Supplier Dashboard. On the dashboard, click on “Customer Management.”
  2. Here, you will find the buyer’s information, including their name, registration number, address, ways to contact them, their orders, and the actions you should take for their orders. You may also search for particular buyers with their ID, name, email, or phone number.

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