General FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dropee and what can it do for my business ?

Dropee is a B2B eCommerce solution provider that enables businesses to buy and sell in bulk confidently. We do so by simplifying the ordering process, and provide maximum insights on best-sellers across different retail segments.

Our Dropee Direct and Dropee Marketplace platforms bring wholesale businesses online and allow retailers to source for the right products from the right suppliers. For more information on our services, please visit our page.

What is the difference between Dropee Marketplace and Dropee Direct?

Dropee Marketplace is a B2B E-commerce platform that connects all members of the Supply chain to sell and buy wholesale products online. There are currently over 10,000 retailers stocking up goods for their businesses nationwide via Dropee. Dropee Marketplace allows independent retailers to discover new products that their customers would love.


Dropee Direct is a customised eCommerce / eProcurement platform for your network of distributors and buyers to supercharge your business growth. Our software tools help businesses directly address the many pain points of a growing customer / supplier base, from managing sales orders to payment collection. By subscribing to Dropee Direct, businesses gain access to valuable supply chain management features such as:

i) Centralised paperless order management.

ii) Make real-time changes to sales catalogues & set custom product pricing per customer.

iii) Visibility of one’s entire supply chain, including real-time stock alerts.

iv) A business performance dashboard, including meaningful data and analytics.

Dropee Direct is a monthly subscription with 0 commission rate while Dropee Marketplace is commission-based on your sales.

Where does Dropee operate currently ?

Dropee is both a Malaysian and United States-registered company.

Our day-to-day operations are based in Selangor, Malaysia, however, we are continuously working towards widening our reach regionally.

We strive to accommodate local suppliers no matter their industries or organisational size. If you are an overseas supplier with your own network of distributors and warehouses within Malaysia who are able to handle order fulfilment and post-sales support (where necessary), we would like to work with you!

On that note, we are also able to support order fulfilments for retailers based outside of Malaysia who are looking to purchase goods from our Malaysian suppliers. Do send us an email at if you require our services.

What products does Dropee Marketplace carry?

We are a marketplace that is open to all varieties of products. We carry thousands of branded products across the following business categories – Restaurants & Cafes, Office Products & Stationery, Cleaning & Housekeeping Supplies, Bed & Bath, Kitchen & Dining, and Health & Personal Care. 

We will continue to review our selection and add more categories and products that are relevant to our members over time. 

At the current moment, our most popular categories of products are Food & Beverage as well as FMCG’s.

How is commission fee calculated?

Effective on 19 August 2022, Dropee Marketplace charges 3% on all sales (1% Dropee’s sales commission + 2% payment gateway). However, for new Dropee sellers, there is a 0% commission charge for your first 2 months on Dropee, or, before you reach RM5,000 in sales – whichever comes first.

The sales commission on orders covers our costs that go into securing new buyers for your brand, offering great customer service and support to drive more wholesale orders, as well as developing new platform features that help you service your existing buyers better.

How do I temporarily “Close Down” my Store on Dropee?

For any reason, if you would like to temporarily make your Store and Products Inactive, you may drop us a request through our Sellers Support Whatsapp Number and we will Deactivate your Store for you.

Worry not, you can have your Store Reactivated again, anytime! When you are ready for your Store to go “Live” again, you may send in a request through our Whatsapp number.

What if I want to stop selling on Dropee? Will I incur any charges/penalties?

We are sad to see you go! Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to support you before proceeding with deactivating your Dropee seller storefront. 

In the case that you are no longer able to sell on Dropee, there will not be any charges or penalties to cancel/deactivate your store.

I have more questions. Is there a support team I can contact ?

Our Sellers Support Team will be there to support your every need on Dropee Marketplace through our Sellers Support Whatsapp Number at +60162994484.

Do go through our Sellers Guides and FAQ pages too!

However, if you need further clarifications, our team will be there to answer any questions you may have and guide you on how to set up your account, get your products up, respond to customer enquiries, run campaigns and promotions, all the way through to order fulfilment and payment disbursements.