FAQ: Shipping

Your customers will pay a delivery fee with their order, and you will not incur any charges for shipping. However, if your items are spoiled, expired or have defects that is not caused by shipping, you will need to make an arrangement to re-deliver these items.

However, if you opt for free shipping promotion, you will bear the cost as the supplier. You may set up your free shipping with a minimum order quantity. You can find more information in our section on Fulfilling your order – Free Delivery by Seller.

The shipping fees are set according to…

  • the weight of the product
  • the distance between the seller’s warehouse and the customer’s delivery

These rates are set by our shipping partners and Dropee will automatically choose the lowest rate during checkout. 

Note: Since your products’ weight determines the shipping fees, please ensure that you input the correct weight when uploading your products so that the buyers are charged the right shipping amount. If the actual shipping fee is significantly higher than the calculated shipping fee, the balance may be charged in your payout.

For the Klang Valley Area, Borong’s runner partners include…

  • GoGet
  • Lalamove
  • Zepto Express

For interstate deliveries (as courier services), we also use…

  • Easyparcel (Pgeon, J&T, GDex, and Skynet)
  • Pos Malaysia
  • NinjaVan

Yes. Aside from using third-party logistics, there are two other ways for you to fulfil your orders. The first, is self pick-up, where your customers can physically collect their orders from your warehouse. The second is to self-manage and ship your orders on your own.

For more information, view our section on Fulfilling your orders.

Sellers are expected to fulfill their orders within 3 working days after payment has been made.

For all fresh and frozen products, we have a special arrangement with our runners to immediately deliver them straight from your warehouse to the buyer upon pick-up to maintain the products’ freshness.

On top of that, we always mark these deliveries as top priority so that our runners are aware.

We have prepared guidelines in PDF files to package your parcels.

For frozen items, click here.

For liquid and fragile items, click here.

Yes. You may key in your tracking details in your Supplier Dashboard, so buyers are able to check on the item delivery status. If you happen to forget to key it in, please inform a Borong representative about the status of the order, and we will assist the buyer accordingly.

FAQ: Delivery Rate Cards

On Borong, rate cards are set based on the category and weight of your product.

Yes, you can! You are able to put up your delivery rate card through your Supplier Dashboard. If you do, your rate card will override Borong’s 3PL rates when an order for your product is made. 

Delivery details are set based on each of our partners’ shipping rate cards. Borong 3PL delivery charges are calculated based on the distance and weight and are calculated automatically by our system.

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